Suits – “The Arrangement”


Every time I begin watching Suits again I get this smile on my face, I actually forget how good it’s gotten, especially when it takes these weird breaks. The show has managed to go from uber-cheese to quirky, dark and thoroughly entertaining.  Men in thousand dollar suits smoldering as blues music plays in the background – its pure genius. Also, Gina Torres (Zoey!) as a bad ass boss is incredible, his show is very well cast and the plots are intriguing, it’s a fun drama.

To recap from last season, Mike (Patrick J. Adams) told Rachel (Meghan Markle) he never went to Harvard, and he disobeyed his mentor, Harvey (Gabriel Macht), lost the case and sent the law firm, Pearson Hardman, into a merger with a British firm.

This episode was interesting, it is the first time Mike has not used his crazy mind to fix his problems. These are emotional issues, based on loyalty and respect –  not easily solved. Rachel has been trying to earn her way into Harvard for years and Mike cheated his way in successfully. He becomes shady and untrustworthy, fixed only by revealing his whole life story.

Mike’s relationship with Harvey is a little more complicated. Harvey does not open up to a lot of people and Mike completely disobeyed him. Donna (Sarah Rafferty) and Lewis (Rick Hoffman) helped but he first needs to earn Harvey’s respect and loyalty.

Lewis had a rough episode, fighting with a previously vanquished frienemy, name.  Just as he thought he won again, he ended up losing what he loved the most – his associates. Clearly this battle is just beginning and based on this episode, there will be great shenanigans in the future. Lewis also had a run in with Donna where she made him smudge a Hitler mustache and do his arm exercises – all in good fun.

It was great to see the show branch in the the technical side a little more. They have had a few small plot lines focused where they used IT or had computer hackers but the IT guy, Benjamin (David Reale), was in the whole episode and provided an interesting new angle.  I hope he returns.  This is also how Mike stood up to Jessica – he created a fake document with a time stamp (or code?) from her hard-drive.

The battle within the firm has shifted to Jessica and Harvey, and his associate has played the first move. This season should really pack a punch, I’m excited to see where it goes.

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