Searching For Sugarman

“Sugarman/Won’t ya hurry/Coz I’m tired of these scenes/For a blue coin/Won’t ya bring back/All those colours to my dreams,” Sugar Man, 1970.

Sixto Rodriguez expels vivid imagery in his lyrics, exposing listeners to the underbelly of everyday life.

Rodriguez is a blues, folk artist from Detroit, Michigan. The Mexican American singer/song writer is often compared to Bob Dylan and Cat Stevens, and has been praised by top producers as the best person to work with.

The problem? United States audiences weren’t interested and Rodriguez was dropped from his label two weeks before Christmas.

Searching For Sugarman* tells the strange story of Rodriguez through the eyes of two huge fans from South Africa. This is where the story gets bizarre. South Africa was under apartheid from 1948-1994, there was not much information being passed around but in the shuffle Rodriguez’ albums slip through.

His music goes on to influence anti-apartheid movements and musicians, and sell hundreds of thousands of records. Without information, Rodriguez was shroud in mystery, even believed to be dead, until one clue, in one lyric changed everything.

This documentary was chilling, thrilling and heartwarming. Cold Fact and Coming From Reality will be the soundtrack to your summer, and Rodriguez will be artist your friends thank you for introducing to them. The world is a beautifully mysterious place, and it is lovely to watch this incredible miracle.

*This was the same producer as Man on a Wire, which is also a fantastic documentary you should check out.


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