Interesting Articles

Twitter is great for finding interesting articles, funny videos and breaking stories. Each Friday I am going to post some of the more interesting pieces I find on Twitter. This week features: tiny apartments, swimming cats and touching human kindness.


The Society for Community Organization commissioned these horrifying photographs of the living conditions in China. There are seven million people living within 1,096 sq km, and with high living costs, these apartments are all laborers can afford. (Quartz)

192 employees, of the Miami-Dade County housing authority, donated $40, 825 in vacation hours to Trayvon Martin’s mother after her was killed so she could grieve. (Think Progress)

After lifting the 1994 ban on women serving in the military, there is now talk about including women in the draft. (Associated Press)

Cool Space Photos (Slate, 2)

Rachelle Friedman Chapman became a quadriplegic at her Bachelorette party, her story is fascinating and heart warming. (Reddit)

The Library of Congress has been archiving all our tweets and have collected 170 billion tweets in two years alone. (Time)

21 awesome and horrifyingly realistic descriptions about movies. My heart hurt for the Wizard of Oz. (Buzzfeed)

This woman is presenting a story on a swimming cat with the straightest face she can muster. (Huffington Post)

David Bowie made a video for his new single “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” and it features Tilda Swinton. It. Is. Wild. (Vevo)


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