Friends Christmas


With the first season focusing on New Year’s Eve, the second season of Friends featured a Christmas episode.

Monica (Courtney Cox) and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) have sent out Christmas cookies as a more personal Christmas thank you. This backfires as the mailman and newspaper delivery boy turn hostile. When they need the landlords help – after Ross (David Schwimmer) breaks the knob on the radiator – they believe he is using their problem to get money.

Before the gang’s Christmas party, Joey (Matt LeBlanc), Chandler (Matthew Perry) and Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow)head to meet Phoebe’s real dad, and hit the shops before they close. This becomes a sentimental story line as Joey and Chandler help Phoebe through her hard decisions.

This episode has silliness intermixed with seriousness. It is perfect for the holiday season and is a fun episode in general.

Season Three


Joey’s work selling Christmas trees comes in jeopardy when Phoebe learns the ugly trees get thrown in the Chipper. Since he first told her the trees like to be sold because they are fufilling thier Christmas destiny. This storyline is sweet, and it is interesting to see Joey as the more adult figure.

The non-Christmas story line featured Rachel quitting her job as a waitress. In the end proclaiming she “will never have to make another cup of coffee ever again.”

While this did have a Christmas-y vibe to it, the story was based around a more real life issue, rather than staying within the magic of Christmas.

Season Five


Christmas has once again faded into the background of “The One With The Inappropriate Sister.”

The only story line relating to Christmas was Phoebe’s new post as a charity bell ringer outside Macy’s. Through her work she begins to lose the Christmas spirit, reverting instead to street Phoebe.

With Ross out of work he helps Joey write a script. Instead of this being productive and fun, it tears a hole in Ross and Chandler’s friendship.

Rachel and her new crush Danny finally go out, but things change dramatically when she learns about the relationship between him and his sister.

This episode was strong, but it didn’t feel like Christmas and wouldn’t fit in to a typical Christmas marathon.

Season Seven


This was a true Christmas episode. Ross gets his son Ben for the holidays and wants to teach him about Chanukah. When he learns Ben believes Santa not appearing is because he was bad, Ross searches for a Santa costume.

The “Holiday Armadillo” is the best he can come up with that close to the day.  This ridiculous looking creature seems to lull Ben’s wishes, until Chandler comes as Santa.

In the end the story of Chaunukah is told – even a surprise visit from Superman – and everyone stands together at the window to light the candle.

Phoebe also spent the episode giving Joey different Christmas gifts to drive Rachel from his apartment. This was not in spite but in order to gain her as a roommate again.

This episode was sweet and showed the coming together of the different types of people of different race, religion or planet. Perfect for the Christmas marathons.

Plus you hear the first couple lines of the story of Chanukah twelve times, so it’s slightly educational as well.

*I will be continuing the seasons as I watch them.


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