Community Christmas

*There are many incredible television shows and movies centered around Christmas. Leading up to the 25th I thought I would share a favourite of mine. Enjoy!

Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas.


Christmas is one of the best times for television. Everyone is together, spending the holiday with family and friends, making sure everything is peaceful and positive – meaning everything is actually chaotic and dramatic.

Community exemplifies this brilliantly. Christmas traditions are important, which is why Community based it’s Christmas episode around one. In this stop-animation episode, based on those wonderful sixties movies, the study group is transformed from live action to characters from toy land.

This episode is not a dream, Abed is not awoken before the credits to some concerned parent. He is suppressing pain and in doing so created a different world for himself. (The show even referenced this episode later on in their clip show, John Oliver talking over Abed’s imaginary world. The rest of the group, expect for Jeff who’s on his phone, are staring – horrified). Watching the episode you don’t realize the reality behind it. You get sucked into the magic and whimsy.

John Oliver guests as the psychologist banking in on Abed’s problem, he is also a Christmas wizard. He delivers one of my favourite lines about six minutes in: “Well we are making fabulous and unexpectedly intense progress.” Oliver is fantastic on this show, it was a shame he didn’t stick around longer.

Abed’s World is the “most Christmas-y around…It’s atmosphere is seven percent cinnamon.” As the group adventures, cynical members are kicked off creatively. Shirley is frozen and picked up by a Christmas Pterodactyl, Jeff by hum bugs and Britta crushed in the ice cave.

Before taking Bjork speed ahead, you see the relationship between Abed, Troy and Annie. Abed spills his secret to them and they allow him to finish his journey and get rid of Ian Dunkan (Oliver). In the end they bring the  group back together to sing the best parts of Christmas.

This episode is perfectly Christmas, filled with songs, love, tradition, friendship and fun animation. It is my favourite Community episode, and will probably watch is every Christmas.

Regional Holiday Music


Regional Holiday music is a fantastic Holiday satire of Glee, right down to the acapella bops between scenes. This was a fun and entertaining episode during a very dark and twisted season.

Taran Killam guests as glee club director Cory “Rad” Radison. He is fantastic as a creepy though charming coach, mimicking Matthew Morrison’s charm as Mr. Shue.

Watching as each person gets sucked in through song is wonderful. It is creepy but hilarious and totally realistic. He is obsessive in his pursuit of the study group and even confesses to killing the previous glee club, in a rage just before distracting the room with “The King’s of Leon.”

When Abed learns Mr. Rad’s plan to stay with them forever, he foils it. Abed send’s Britta onstage to sing her hearts song. When Rad gets angry the Dean responds beautifully: “Why don’t we let Britta sing her awkward song.”

This episode is hilarious. I showed it to my sister (a Glee fan) and my mother and they were both laughing out loud. Also, Abed wants the group to watch an Inspector Spacetime Christmas Special which is what I will be doing with Doctor Who and my family.


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