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To promote their film, Moonrise Kingdom, Wes Anderson, Bill Murray and Kara Hayward did an interview and photoshoot. Anderson providing the words – joined by good friend and collaborator Jason Schwartzman – while Murray and Hayward provided the whimsy.

In the article, Anderson talks about his friendship with Owen Wilson:

“I always show Owen the script,” Anderson explains. “We went to school together, so that’s what goes back the furthest. He has been the main, central collaboration for my whole body of work.”

Schwartzman describes Anderson’s approach to work:

Schwartzman says, “He doesn’t separate his work and his life, but it’s not like ‘Oh, he’s a workaholic.’ He makes life the work.”

Anderson even addresses criticism about his very distinctive style:

“Some people mean it one way; some people mean it another. I don’t make an effort to have any style. I make an effort to tell the story, get in as many jokes as we can, make it visually interesting and moving—or whatever I can do.”

This photoshoot (with Bill Murray and Kara Hayward) is whimsical and wonderful. Hayward and Murray look like they are having a grand ole time. The quirky themes show another world of wacky wonder. It was photographed by Jake Chessum with fashion editor Roxane Danset.

*Doesn’t the cover photo look like Doctor Who? Such a fantastic photo.

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