Secrets of a Good Girl – Mad Men

Get The Look of Mad Men‘s Betty Draper!

betty Get The Look of Mad Mens Betty Draper Francis!

Betty Draper Francis is on a constant search for happiness. Betty believes she has done everything right, she married the perfect, handsome man, had two beautiful children and lives in a lovely suburban home. Everything is right but she is not happy.

Betty was a docile housewife – the stereotype. She looked perfect every morning, brought up two beautiful children and had dinner on the table every night. Throughout the first and second season, viewers watched as Betty matured; cheering her on as she found strength and freed herself from the shackles.

Upon marrying Henry Francis, Betty longs for the old days with Don. Even though Henry is wonderful and she believes he will make her happy, it doesn’t. At the beginning of the fourth season we see the manifestation of her unhappiness in her weight. To continue reading click here.

Get The Look of Mad Men’s Joan Harris!

joan Get The Look of Mad Mens Joan Harris!

When Mad Men began, Joan Harris was the bombshell of the office: Bright orange hair, flirty demeanor and curves every woman longs for. She ran the office, knew everything about everyone and did not take life too seriously. After five seasons, Joan is seeing life in a different light.

She is now dealing with a child, a failed marriage and insecurity. Life has finally caught up to her and it is not as wonderful as she  expected it to be. Though she tries to appear as though her life is perfect and under control, Joan is really keeping her troubles buried under many layers.

Joan’s friendships are her only real moments of kindness and appreciation. With Peggy she is the strong, older sister figure, guiding her from innocence to adulthood. As the only two consistent females, they share beautiful moments of frustration. Joan and Lane have a relationship that exposes their insecurity with the position in the company. But the real honest moments Joan shares with both Don and John Slattery. Don believes Joan is this strong, impenetrable figure, and is one of the only women in the world he respects. With John, who affectionately calls her Joanie, she was the one that got away, the one that could never really work. Their relationship is touching and beautiful, and one of the strongest plots of the series.  To continue reading click here.

Get The Look of Mad Men’s Peggy Olson!

peggy Get The Look of Mad Mens Peggy Olson!

Starting out as a naive, innocent secretary, Peggy Olson grew up and learned how to be successful in a man’s world. She stood out among the secretaries, gaining her first account helping clean up after testing lipstick. After a life changing event, Peggy experienced new places and people, expanded her mind and became braver.

When Peggy stood up to Don Draper, she became Don Draper’s protege and asked for what she felt she deserved. Slowly she worked her way up to respected copywriter, even taking the lead on accounts. While she is good at her job, Don does help keep her modest, taking her down a peg when she demands too much. Her relationship with Don becomes stronger the longer they work together – building a relationship on honesty, respect and mutual admiration. To continue reading click here.

Get The Look of Mad Men’s Megan Draper!

megan Get The Look of Mad Mens Megan Draper!

Megan Draper is the much younger second wife of Don Draper. Although Megan has not been around long she has made her mark. She is caring towards the children, she stands up to Don and takes risks.

Megan is young, vibrant and adventurous. She helps Don explore a different side of himself. She is unpredicatable but sweet and caring. She is one of the only people who will fight Don.

Her relationship with Peggy mirrors Peggy and Joans. Peggy admired Megan’s work and success at the agency and relived her success through her. When Megan leaves the agency Peggy is one of the only people who respects her more. To continue reading click here.

Get The Look of Mad Men’s Sally Draper!

sally Get The Look of Mad Mens Sally Draper!

Little Sally Draper – the oldest child of Betty and Don – has experienced things far beyond her years. Sally has been privy to everything her parents endured, most of which she could not understand. She is forced into adulthood and realizes it’s not as glamorous as she thought.

Mirrored against the happy-go-lucky Bobby, Sally has a bit of a temper. Sally sees Betty’s frustrations when she learned how she was being used as a pawn in her scheme to break up Don’s marriage, and bets Betty at her own game. Though she does not always get along with her mother- when she “became a woman”- Betty was the only person she needed. To continue reading click here.


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