October 19th

Pierce – “What powers at be? It’s just the two of your pretending to have a show.”

Troy – “Sometimes it feels that way.”

Community, the show that fans love but NBC wants nothing to do with. After the bizarre firing of Dan Harmon, the almost cancellation and the reduced fourth season, Community has another setback: they have no idea when they are coming back.

With all of this free promotion due to scandal, you would think NBC would think, “Let’s air this now so people who don’t watch the show might look it up and see what all the hulabaloo is about.” But we all know how good NBC is with decisions.

Luckily for fans the cast and crew of the show understand your frustration and dismay. Since October 19th was supposed to be their premeire date, they made a special video mocking – in the amazingly hilarious way Community does most things – the push back.

As Abed says “while this move seems illogical, just trust us, the minds behind this shift know exactly what they’re doing.”

October 19th is just a feeling, and Community will make you feel the joy and excitement October 19th usually brings, airing  … someday.


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