How Did This Get Made

To break up the monotony of the prairies, we began listening to the podcast “How Did This Get Made?” The podcast is hosted by Paul Scheer (The League, 30 Rock) and features June Diane Raphael (Burning Love, Bachelorette) and Jason Mantzoukas (The Dictator, The League).

Essentially, the show features the three comedians, and a guest star, breaking down the craziest movies. In their attempt to make sense of everything, there is bickering, lots of confusion and hilarious realizations.

This podcast isn’t about making fun of these movies, just about understanding how they were made in the first place. The show usually features a long conversation about a crazy but irrelevant moment that made the film.

The most fascinating part is by the end they usually end up recommending the movie. There have only been a few that were questionable or so horrible they say it’s not worth it. Mantzoukas is the real star, his confusion about these movies is always the most amusing.

While I suggest listening to all of them – there’s only forty-seven – some are funnier than others. When the guest star gets very involved the podcast becomes hilarious. The podcast is great, they are not condescending or mean, they just ask the questions you want to ask.

You can listen to How Did This Get Made on iTunes or on the Earwolf website. The best part: it’s free!


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