*Just a side comment about this picture. It is so awful I had to include it. No one looks like they are sitting at this table. They all look like they were given different directions and then were handed a box of take out and chopsticks. This is crazy.

Bones was, in the beginning, a great show. the characters were interesting, the cases fun and the multi-arc serial killers were always pretty cool. The other day I saw that the newest season of Bones began. I was pretty excited, then I remembered what was happening.

Bones, Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel), has taken her baby on the run with her because a serial killer is framing her for his crimes.


It made me sad.

The show has taken a turn for the crazy a few seasons ago when the writing started to get worse. I think all shows hit a point when they should stop, but not many realize it when it comes.

The premiere was alright, although everything was solved really fast. Bones to the rescue, doing really dangerous things in order to find the truth through the skeleton. They brought her in to the Jeffersonian, how was there no one looking for her at her OLD PLACE OF WORK.

Also, why did the FBI never have someone tail Booth (David Boreanaz)? They would have found her when he went to see her, done. They also learned where the drop spot was for the flowers, no one in the FBI thought to go there and wait for someone to pick up the message.

My biggest annoyance with the series is the companions, changing them only worked when people were likable. Clark was uptight in the beginning but they started showing a fun quirky side. This episode made him look unapprecitive of Bones’ help over the past few years, uptight and bossy. He was not fun, not likable and jarring.

Angela’s big success in the episode was figuring out the serial killers code. She had been working on it for three months with no results, but as soon as Sweets says ‘he wanted us to kill him,’ she was done in hours. How does that help with computer code?

For those of you worried this incredible arc is coming to an end, don’t! The last five minutes were SUPER crazy. The serial killer created a new identity for himself, he is Egyptian now, and the Egyptian government is taking him.

That is not all.

The FBI guy – who had Booth’s job but is now moving on so Booth can have his job back – took the flower the serial killer gave to Bones. This doesn’t sound crazy, wait for it. Booth threw and crinkled the flower in the trash five minutes earlier. What does this mean? I guess that is a good enough cliff hanger for me.

Oh one last thing, Bones has this awful blond wig on the entire episode. I thought they were going to establish it as a wig but she still had it at the celebration after she was free. Then they cleared things up, she dyed her hair back brown. Come on guys, there was no way we were supposed to believe that was dyed hair.

This show is wonderful, go back watch the beginning seasons and see why this show is popular, it’s worth it.


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