It was absolutely wonderful, she could not have been more excited. That night was low key, drinks with her roommates, maybe a midnight trip to McDonalds. It was great to catch up and spend time with her. Her friends are friendly and accommodating, and the cat and dog were lovely.

The next day we walked around the city, exploring Parliment Hill, seeing Champlain’s Point and enjoying our time together. Ottawa is stunning, the Parliment buildings are beautiful. The only downfall was the rain which forced us back to her home for a movie.

That night was my first Casino experience. I lost five dollars on the penny machine and spent the rest of the night watching. Gambling isn’t for me, but watching the card games and roulette was fun. A few people came out ahead, one guy won forty dollars, and the money was spent on beer and pizza.

Sunday was the – real – beginning of our road trip, we were up at five and on the road by six. The fog rolling over the hills was breath-taking. The perfect start to our adventure – Ontario is stunning.

Our first drive was long, going all the way from Ottawa to Sault Ste. Marie, Pancake Bay. The view was amazing, we arrived just as the sun was setting over the trees. Our first camping trip was successful, I learned how to set up a tent, we cooked dinner and passed out just after the sun.

That night was a crazy thunderstorm. The rain patterning against the tent, lightening brightening the sky and thunder booming across the water.

The next morning we were up with the sun. The drive was exciting, seeing a mother moose and her babies cross the road, the rolling hills and lots of Doug Loves Movies playing in the background.

Northern Ontario is beautiful this time of year. For our second night we camped at Sleeping Giant National Park. The fall weather slowly creeping in as the sun set behind the hills. That night was freezing: huge sweaters, sweatpants, thick socks and lots of blankets.

With the cold morning dew we skipped breakfast and went straight into the city for some warm tea and internet.

Pictures have been posted on Flickr. More updates tomorrow.


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