Alan Rickman Making Tea

There is really nothing spectacular about this video; other than the fact that it’s Alan Rickman making tea in slow motion while the Inception soundtrack plays.

This video was shot by  David Michalek for his series “Portraits In Dramatic Time.” Michalek used high speed, high definition cameras to shoot each 10-15 second segment. He then stretched them out throughout several minutes and put “Mind Heist” from the Inception soundtrack over it.

Michalek says this about the exhibit on his website:

Each scene-sequence of drama was crafted to provide a physical metaphor for an emotional condition. This was created through various means—determinants (the problem, plot, theme, or context of the characters and their circumstances), consequences (deliberate manifestations of feeling as gestures and expressions), moods (induced in the character and filling the scene), and involuntary emotions (internal emotional states).

Rickman can do anything, and this video proves that thousands of people will watch him perform a menial task for seven minutes and think it’s epic.

Michalek presented this at the 2011 Lincoln Center Festival on the wall of the museum at night. Other participants include: Akiko Aizawa, J. Ed Araiza, Reed Birney, Sarita ChoudhuryMaria Dizzia, Carmen Ejogo, Alvin Epstein, Alessandra Ferri, Julianna Francis Kelly, Gian Murray Gianino, Craig Hall, Gabriella Hamori, Martin Harvey, Jayne Houdyshell, Holly Hunter, Jennifer Ikeda, Marin Ireland, Sachiyo Ito, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Mikeah Ernest Jennings, David Patrick Kelly, Keir Knight, Pavel Kriz, Ellen Lauren, Louise Lecavalier, Los Angeles Poverty Department (Austin Hines, Riccarlo Porter And Ronald Walker), Savannah Lowery, Patti Lupone, William H. Macy, Ruth Maleczech, William Mapother, Marlo Marron, Jon Morris, Savitry Nair, National Theatre Of The Deaf (Claudia Liolios, Ian Sanborn), Ayesha T. Ngaujah, Fulya Peker, Alison Pill, Rajika Puri, Radiohole (Maggie Hoffman, Kourtney Rutherford, Erin Douglass, Eric Dyer, Mark Jaynes, Jim Findlay), Ana Reeder, Roger Rees, Ludivine Sagnier, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Liev Schreiber, Tanya Selvaratnam, Scott Shepherd, Shantala Shivalingappa, Lili Taylor, Thai Likay Street Theatre (Boonporn Poonlumlert, Watcharaphong Soongpankhao, Sarayut Phetsamrit), Natalie Thomas, And Qian Yi.


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