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Can we talk about what is going on here?

I was scrolling through a website earlier and this popped up. I am a fan of all of these actors, they are incredibly talented and shine in everything they’ve done. Lawless also looks like it will be entertaining – shoot outs, family drama, fedoras, what more do you need?

Now, I’m not going into the fact that they are playing in to the whole 50 Shades of Grey trend with this cover; only the fact that the men decided to go out into the wilderness for a few months, realized they had a photoshoot that day and scurried home.

This is The Hollywood Reporter‘s cover for their issue on “The New A-List,” where they feature the cast and crew of Lawless.

Tom Hardy looks like the uni-bomber, you can barely tell it’s him under all that hair. You can see in Jessica Chastain‘s face how uncomfortable she is next to him. Chastain chose to lean towards Shia LeBeouf, the guy who looks like he hasn’t showered in months – that is saying a lot.

The only person who looks entirely pleased is Mia Wasikowska. It’s almost as if she tricked Chastain into the back row to distance herself from the disastrous men. The girl is rocking that smirk.

Here’s another image so you can see this at a different angle.

* I realize Hardy’s beard is for Mad Max – some beautiful person at Vulture decided to ask him about it in an interview – but LeBeouf has no excuse.


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