Prince Edward Island and Hey Rosetta

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This weekend was Canada Day long weekend. Since a couple friends from school are from P.E.I, we took a trip to the island.

This was my first time on P.E.I and it was incredible. Not only is it stunning, the people are incredible. Really friendly and incredibly kind.

We spent the first night in Crapaud. There was a three course meal that we all ate outside as the sun was setting. It was so lovely. Later in the night, we were invited to another house for a swim and hot tub. It has been a while since any of us had done this and we were all excited. Later in the evening we trekked across a field and star gazed on hay bails.

Since we were sleeping outside, we were all up at five am. This prompted a trip to Cavendish National Park at seven to swim in the ocean. The beach was stunning, and the ocean was freezing. I needed a little prodding from my roommate to get fully enveloped by water.

Our next stop was my roommates home in Charlottetown. His family was warm and inviting, and made us all feel at home. We hopped back in the car and drove to his aunts cabin were we swam (again) in the ocean. This time the water was really warm, until we got further out. It was refreshing.

On the way back from the water we ran into his uncle. This is when we found out we were in the wrong cabin. My roommate running to us in panic and yelling get out, hurry up, we’re trespassing was hilarious.

That evening we got to see Hey Rosetta down by the pier. The band was amazing (I’ve attached some videos below). I have not been able to listen to anything since. Instead of paying thirty dollars to see the band, we stayed behind the fence and by the water. Near the end, me and a friend were able to sneak in and see the last couple songs close up.

We all spent Canada Day back in Halifax. We had a barbeque at a friends, then watched the fireworks on Citadel. It was a wonderful evening.

I am almost done my trip around the Maritimes. Only Newfoundland is left, which I am traveling to at the end of July with a friend for George Street Festival. One of my good friends lives there and it will be wonderful to see him again.

*The videos are taking a while to upload. I’ll update when they’re done.


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