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Hayley Williams has transformed her style from band shirts and jeans to fashionable punk. Williams began her career at the young age of 14. The singer/songwriter was originally slated to become a solo pop superstar but opted to stay with her band mates, Jeremy Davis, Josh and Zac Farro, and play the music she loves. She has become a role model for young girls. She has real talent, can sing and write and does what she feels is best. Williams is unique, she stands out and her style evolution matches her, and Paramore‘s rise in the music industry.

Williams was born on December 17th, 1988 in Meridian, Mississippi. Her family moved to Tennessee where she met her future band mates. Paramore’s first album “All We Know,” on July 26th, 2005. Before the release of their second album NME Magazine gave Paramore the honour of being named one of ten bands to watch. Their second album “Riot!” was released June 12th, 2007 and was certified Platinum in the United States. Paramore’s third album “Brand New Eyes,” was released in September 2009 and quickly went Gold. Her success in the music industry has allowed her to branch out. She released her first solo song ‘Teenagers’ as a part of the “Jennifer’s Body” soundtrack. Williams also appeared on B.O.B’s hit song “Airplanes” along with Eminem.

Paramore’s Best Tracks:

The Only Exception – was featured as a solo from Rachel Berry on Glee, which helped to broaden Paramore’s audience. This song speaks to children of divorce, and shows how well Williams (and Josh Farro) can write. This song is slow but powerful. Musically it is simple, with beautiful build ups, but vocally Williams shines.

Pressure – is the quintessential Paramore song for me. Grounded in pop punk, the song showcases Williams voice brilliantly. It is young and shows how far they’ve come, while still being a solid song. It also speaks to people everywhere, which shows Williams had matured at a young age.

Misery Business – is a fun, snarky song. Williams hadn’t written anything like this before, it feels like something Taylor Swift would write. The quick verses and blowout chorus make this song powerful. This song allows listeners to see how much Williams can do with her voice. It shows her as a badass who gets what she wants.

Franklin – is stunning. It talks of how things will change after their stint in the music business. The chorus is beautiful, giving Williams voice a chance to show off while Josh Farro sings underneath. The song isn’t trying and is simple and perfect.

Fences – is another standout from “Riot!” The fast talking verses immediately get your feet tapping. It has the same snark as Misery Business. It discusses the celebrity world with a little sass.

All We Know

When Hayley was just starting out her style was simple: band shirt, sweater and jeans. As the band started touring and becoming more famous, Williams starts inviting more colour into her looks. She experiments with tights and ballet flats become a staple in her wardrobe. Even though her look is somewhat simple, she uses pops of colour and pattern to show her personality. Below features a more neutral look with a unique print tight. Band shirts will never be out of style, there are so many ways you can rock it.



After Riot! came out Hayley’s style was beginning to evolve. She was developing her personal style more through her hair and makeup. Williams uses more neon colours and wears more skirts and dresses. She adds little punk details to her looks while still looking very girly. The outfit below features a cute coral dress. With the heavier boots, darker necklace and belt, the dress seems less feminine and more punky.


Brand New Eyes

As Hayley has grown up, her style has too. She is not afraid to dress feminine or experiment with her style. She dresses in unexpected fabrics and tries unique combinations. Her colour palette is not as bright but she has continued with the punk framework. Now that she is being chosen for fashion magazines, fans get to see her dolled up and feminine.


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