Jeff Who Lives At Home

This oddball dramedy completely surprised me. Jeff Who Lives At Home is a movie that has not gotten a lot of press, yet sits at a fairly solid 73% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Directed by Jay and Mark Duplass, Jeff Who Lives At Home (an exhausting title to say and type repeatedly), follows stoner Jeff (Jason Segel) as he is sent to get wood glue. Jeff’s life is about following the signs, and today the sign is Kevin. Due to unexpected circumstances, Jeff runs in to his brother Pat (Ed Helms). This is where the movie takes a turn. Pat sees his wife (Judy Greer) with another man and they set off to find out if she is cheating.The second, almost insignificant story-line follows their mother (Susan Sarandon) as she finds her secret admirer at work.

Every time I go home, my father takes me to see a movie. Since he sees a movie every week, the pickings are slim. He had planned on seeing The Hunger Games, unfortunately, this was the one movie I actually saw this year (And was disappointed by). While looking up movies, Jeff Who Lives At Home popped up. I am a huge Segel fan, and love Mark Duplass on The League. My father had not heard good things, and was not too thrilled by the choice.

After watching the film, we were both pleasantly surprised. Jeff Who Lives At Home, though Helms wasn’t in top form, was a constant thrill. Segel was adorable and heartbreaking, and added humor in unexpected places. Even though his height is always a joke, every time it was presented, or commented upon, I chuckled.

Sarandon was great and her story was cute, but it was so disconnected from the main plot that it wasn’t necessary. Maybe if she had more connections to her sons, it would have made more sense.

The end is where the movie really got me. It was completely unexpected and beautifully done. Segel, Helms, Sarandon and Greer are incredible, and it helps to redeem the movie. It is nice to see mainly comedic actors break out of their shells and shine in a more dramatic role.

The Duplass brothers have an incredible talent. They understand characters and develop stories really well. They have a beautiful career ahead of them, and I cannot wait to see what they come up with next.

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