Both Sides Now

If you have not seen the movie Love, Actually, (for shame, it is one of the best movies, ever) this post contains many spoilers from the movie.

Joni Mitchelle was an artist I heard about a lot while I was discovering music. Mostly it was ‘you’re too young to understand her.’ I decided I would discover her as she came upon my life. I knew upon discovering her music it would be a dark and intense journey, and at 16 I was not down.

I discovered ‘Both Sides Now‘ in the 2003 movie Love, Actually. This scene had a huge impact on me and every time I watch this movie it is still horrible to watch. Karen, portrayed by the sensational Emma Thompson, puts this song on when she discovers her husband Harry, played by Alan (!!!) Rickman, may be having an affair.

Just a sidenote, every time the gross office assistant would come on the screen, all the boys in the room would yell. This was my first experience with guys hating on the trashy girl in the movie. This is how evil she is!!

Anyway, Karen goes into her room and silently cries while the song is playing in the background. Though I have never experienced that situation, I have tried to silently cry while someone was in the next room. Blasting music, moving your hands up and down and staring into the corner is all you can do.

Such a heartbreakingly beautiful scene.

‘Both Sides Now’ is one of the most stunning songs I’ve ever heard. The music has this incredible build up and the words and her voice are absolutely heartbreaking. Mitchell is an amazing songwriter and the words of the song, as I am graduating this year, really speak to me.

It was written by Mitchell in March 1967, and originally recorded by Judy Collins in 1968. It won the Grammy that year for Best Folk Performance. This version is the re-recorded jazz version from the 2000 re-release of the album by the same name.

Mitchell was only 21 when she wrote this. In a 2002 interview with W magazine she said this about the song: “When I did experience these things, I was right, so I seemed to know what I was talking about.”

Most people seem shocked that a young person could write something like this. Now that I am this age, with everything that has happened, and I’ve experienced, I fully understand. The concept is universal. It’s beautiful. This is a song that has so many layers; I am glad to have it as part of my cycle of songs.

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