How I Met Your Mother

I was on the A.V. Club site today, procrastinating from my readings and saw this article about the show How I Met Your Mother. Basically, the creator, Carter Bays, is saying they have no intention of ending the series any time soon. Ugh.

I loved the first few seasons of HIMYM and some episodes after surprised me with the humor. But, as the show goes on, I have become more resentful of the show and just want to know who the freaking mother is.

It seems like they are riding this successful show until they have no viewership left. This is NOT a good way to make a show. Yes, they have some great stars, and sometimes hit the jokes, and soft spots well, but as a viewer I no longer care if I miss a week. I know all that will happen is something incredibly sappy or something incredibly silly.

Just because your show is called How I Met Your Mother, doesn’t mean you need to end with the meeting of the mother. Viewers have stuck around long enough to be willing to get to know the mother and actually see why she is awesome, as well as how she fits in with the other members of the group.

I completely understand wanting to hang on to a hit TV show while you have the chance, but going out on a high note would have been way better. Bay’s said “It will happen when we’re officially out of ideas.” He should save those ideas for a new, fresh TV show. They clearly have the talent, and people will be lining up to work with them after their success, they just need the balls to actually do something about it.


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