The New Girl

Morris, Johnson, Greenfield and Deschanel

I want to start this off by saying I love Zooey Deschanel. I’m a huge She & Him fan, have all their albums/b-sides and I’ve seen almost all her movies. I think she’s great.

This is why I was really excited for for new show, The New Girl. Deschanel is an awesome actress and her supporting cast, Damon Wayans Jr. (for the pilot, currently starring on the amazing Happy Endings), Jake M. Johnson (Paper Heart) and Max Greenfield (Veronica Mars!) are awesome.

Upon watching the first couple episodes I felt myself starting to hate her. There is no endearing quality about her character, she’s just crazy. Why are these guys so attached to this girl? She has done nothing to make them feel empathy or even friendship. They go straight from being annoyed with her to standing up for her.

Deschanel feels like Lauren Graham in the last couple seasons of Gilmore Girls. They let her, Graham, improve and go off on these random tangents for way too long. Deschanel’s crazy isn’t even particularly funny in an obvious way or even the uncomfortable British way. It always goes on far too long and for no particular reason. Is there no one on set who is watching her do these takes and thinks to themselves, ‘Yeah, this isn’t funny, maybe we should stop her.’

For the guys it was almost the same. Aside from Johnson, who is the only normal, likable character, Wayans was over the top (but luckily got a perfect part in Happy Endings) and Greenfield is just awful. Wayan’s replacement, Lamorne Morris, was a good match since he played his character pretty safe.

The plot also seems very obvious and completely unoriginal. With all these very strong comedies, Community, Parks and Rec, Modern Family, etc, this show does not stand up. I get what they are trying to do but I am very picky with comedies and this is not something I want to spend time watching.


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