Pan Am


Although Pan Am has just begun, I am fully hooked and cannot wait for a new episode every Sunday night. I was originally opposed when I heard about it, another 60’s show, nothing can ever be like Mad Men, grumble grumble.

Then I heard the episode was directed by Thomas Schlamme, of Sports Night and West Wing fame, and one of the steward’s was Christina Ricci. I was beyond thrilled, Ricci in Now and Then was a staple in my pre-teen years.

A few weeks earlier, my roommate brought home Entertainment Weekly. It was their big television preview and they were describing every new show this fall. They also created covers, half ads for that comedy show ‘Whitney,’ but one described Pan Am as being like Alias which really peaked my interest, in a purely WTF? kind of way.

As I watched the pilot I found myself actually enjoying it, although Laura (Margot Robbie) is THE worst. Pan Am is much lighter than Mad Men and is romanticizing the 60’s more than exposing ‘real’ lives and people’s dark pasts.

Up to now, Bridget (AnnaBelle Wallis) has become flagged as a spy and needs to disappear in America if she wants to stay alive and Kate (Kelli Garner) is slowly becoming the new Pan Am courier.

But that doesn’t take up the entire plot and the show is really pushing for soapy drama and to show the real life problems of the characters. (Laura running out on her marriage, Kate not getting along with her mother, Colette (Karine Vanasse, who apparently is Canadian!) finding out her boy-toy was married).

Pan Am has also given these women, except Laura, hense my disdain, a backbone. Kate, with her new position as an agent, Colette planning to poison the food and drink of the man who used her, and Maggie (Christina Ricci) stabbing the passenger who sexually assaulted her.

Colette is so fierce and in two episodes she has already become a well rounded interesting character. Maggie started out a little over the top but has mellowed out her rebellious attitude and has just become a strong woman.

The Pilots (Mike Vogel, Michael Mosley and Kal Parekh) are fine, they add their silly boy jokes to the show while trying to show their feelings about certain stewardess’. I don’t mind them but without them I don’t think the show would change too much for me.

Pan Am is the bubblegum pop of television, it shows the optimistic time before JFK was killed. (Any show with a Kennedy plot-line, I am down with, although we all know what happens in November).

I am happy that as I wait for Mad Men to return, there is another 60s based show around. I am interested to see where they are going to take it and how the characters will evolve.


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