Ringer ‘She’s Ruining Everything’

*Disclaimer* Sorry if the video in this post goes off without warning. It was the only version of this skit I could find.

Episode two ‘She’s Ruining Everything,’ gives a little more information about the history of the twins relationship. The episode also has hilarious moments with the cops, very predictable moments with the daughter, Juliet, and lots of paranoia.

The episode starts off exactly where it left off, with Bridget in the loft with the dead body. Instead of calling the cops, like a normal person, she calls her sponser Malcolm and leaves him a detailed message. When she realizes how stupid that is she deletes it and turns her attention to the body.

As she is covering it up we get the first, of about a dozen misleads, of the episode. Her friend, Gemma, walks in, making you believe she has been found out. Obviously, she can’t let out any secrets this early on and Gemma freaks out because the wall was smashed through.

Gemma decides to fire the contractor, which allows Bridget to breathe easy and the two leave the apartment…and the body.

When she gets home she tries to run away and gathers ‘her’ belongings just in time for the husband to catch her. He says Juliet has taken off and won’t answer his texts. Yes, his texts. What worried parent says ‘I’m worried she won’t answer any texts.’ Call Her. She probably won’t answer but at least you come off as a more concerned parent.

Also, how is she planning on faking this baby? Luckily it gives her a reason not to drink but it does mean that she still gets to look longingly at alcohol.

The show then flashed back to nine years previous, where SMG gives her best Buffy angst. All this tells us is that Siobhan used to bail Bridget out when she got hammered.

Flash forward to her husband, Andrew’s, office where we meet the bitchy British woman who is clearly going to be a problem for Bridget. That’s basically all you need to know about that whole story line.

*Sidebar: I am currently listening to Comedy Death-Ray Radio with Scott Aukerman and ‘I’m On A Boat‘ just came on. How appropriate. Also this parody of the pilot from Joel McHale and Ken Jeong, from The Soup, is incredible.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Back to Ringer, Bridget goes back to the loft to deal with the dead body wearing, I kid you not, a white flow-y blouse and heels. That’s not even the best part, she looks at the body then looks up to the power tool and looses herself in the spinning wheel until her phone rings.

Luckily for her she doesn’t need to cut up the body in her, I’m assuming, thousand dollar outfit and rubber gloves.

Malcolm calls her back telling her to meet him and he will help her. As she is running back to her apartment to pack there’s a knock at the door. It’s the FBI agent, who wants to go into her loft to ‘use the bathroom.’ He even makes a joke about cops and coffee, which believe me is as hilarious as you think it is.

After she blows him off the point of view switches to the cops. This was my favourite scene in the episode for one reason. The FBI agent, Victor, is flat out talking to the other cop, talking about how he thinks Siobhan is hiding Bridgette. The cop gets coffee and stays in profile starring at the wall? window? whatever he’s facing, and doesn’t look at Victor until he walks away from him. Amazing. The direction on this show is unbelievable.

Drama featuring Gemma and her husband Henry…affair, hotel key, blah blah blah

As part of her escape plan Bridget goes to the bank to take out money, which leads us to the next mislead of the episode! The teller takes her to the back…because she’s a special person at the bank. You tricky writers you.

As she is on her way to the airport Andrew calls changing the party location to the loft. Making Bridget run in a panic back to the loft to find that the body has not been touched. She sends the staff away and packs the body into the random trunk…that they are using for a dinner party…

At home Bridgette runs into Juliet who responds negatively to her sincere attempt to help her.

Then comes the dinner party. Whatever is going on with SMG hair, it needs to end. That is the most hideous hairdo, the extensions (I hope it’s not real hair) are awful. And it’s so much worse from behind.

The drama of the dinner party for Bridget was when a man sat on the trunk. This confused me for two reasons, A) why is he sitting on a trunk when there are a dozen tables with EMPTY chairs and B) she shoos him off as though sitting on the trunk will give him the powers to see inside.

Gemma comes back just in time to make a comment about the slimy English woman and how she is very brave for letting her hang around with Andrew. *plot point, plot point, plot point* As if we didn’t get that already, thanks for rubbing it in our faces.

While talking to Henry, Bridget notices blood leaking from the trunk and decides to run over and frantically make a bigger mess.

This is also the time when Victor magically makes an appearance at the party. He makes banal small talk about … wait for it … architecture. Saying he loves it only to make a very smooth segway to the fact that she fired her contractor.

Bridget gets out of this conversation when they hear fighting. Drunk Gemma has accused some random girl of sleeping with her husband. This is at a party they are both only at because they know Andrew and Siobhan.

During Andrew’s speech a phone goes off, coming from where, you ask, well the trunk of course. Bridget gets it while a creepy man stares her down. (foreshadowing)

The British woman slimily says ‘Siobhan’ got pregnant to keep Andrew in her life. Alright Ringer writers, we do not need one more love triangle, or whatever the fuck shape we are at now. Too much happening.

The end of the episode gets really sentimental with both Andrew and Juliet telling Siobhan not to leave. Juliet does this as she is puking into the toilet, which prompts the second half of the flashback where Siobhan cuts ties with Bridgette.

Malcolm misses Bridgets phone call telling him she’s staying but is met in a dark garage by a mystery car. Hmmm who could that be? Luckily for him a student runs out of nowhere to hand him a paper. -bangs head on desk-

The episode ends in Paris with the best facial expressions by SMG. She literally looks drugged out, but it might be the French that’s confusing her.

When she finds out the emergency account has been emptied by Bridgette she calls someone and says ‘She’s ruining everything, it has to get done.’

But wait, just as you think the episode could go on no longer, we are back in New York, at the loft. Bridget opens the trunk and it’s empty! (Also perfectly clean, even the corner where the blood was spilling out of the trunk)

Dum dum dummmmm


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