The Tale of Trevor Drift

I just recently got the chance to sit down and watch the whole first season of the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers. I was blown away with the dancing in every episode and am excited with the trailer for the second season.

For those who don’t know if they can see the LXD you can go to their website and check it out.

Trevor Drift

The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers is a web series streamed off of Hulu. The series features dancers as super heroes, showing the battle between good and evil in a new and exciting way. The series is written and directed by Jon M Chu and Christopher Scott, and Harry Shum Jr choreographed the first season.

The Tale of Trevor Drift is the first episode of the LXD’s first season.  This episode is just shy of fourteen minutes and is the classic young hero tale. Shy boy, Trevor Drift (Luis ‘Luigi’ Rosado), falls in love with the popular girl, Alice Wondershaw (Carly Lang), but she already has a boyfriend, Brendan Broman (Ryan Hansen), the typical obnoxious jock. Drift’s father, Joe (Wilbur Urbina), is very protective and overbearing making Trevor’s social life nonexistent.

In the end Drift shows his crazy impressive skills, Broman acts like an ass and Wondershaw falls for him. Not very original.

The acting/dialogue is nothing to be desired, making the acting portions sometimes laughable. The foundation of the piece is a little long, and drags out the short episode.

When the dancing came, everything changed. The tricks these guys pulled out were brilliant and the speed/control they have is unbelievable. These breakers always have unique tricks that make you question their authenticity. They each show their personal style and give watchers a fantastic show. I would skip the acting portion of the story, it’s not hard to pick up, and just go to the dancing.

This is a very creative and genius way to move dancing to a bigger stage and allow dancers to get the credibility they deserve.

Characters in this Episode

Trevor Drift – Luis ‘Luigi’ Rosado
Joe Drift – Wilbur Urbina
Narrator – Roger Aaron Brown
Brendan Broman – Ryan Hansen
Alice Wondershaw – Carly Lang
Young Trevor Drift – Alazay and Alize Albuquerque
Observers – Joshua ‘Milky’ Avers, Jaime ‘Venum’ Burgos and Ivan ‘Flipz’ Velez
Illister – Daniel ‘Cloud’ Campos
DJ Scratch – Ian Gotler
Minijack – Terence Dickson
Stereo – Aja George
Parvine – Christa Lewis
Polo – Sean ‘Fresh’ Redding
Gus – Robert Rich
Phono – Straphanio ‘Shonnie’ Solomon
Ruth – Diva Zappa
High School Announcer – Jon Chu

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