The Ringer Pilot

Many many spoilers. If you are going to watch this show, don’t read this post.

The only way I can watch TV guilt free is if I do it between homework. So, after I conjugated my German verbs I sat down to watch the pilot of the much anticipated Ringer. Like most people my age, I am obsessed with Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and was stoked to have Sarah Michelle Gellar back on TV. Not only is SMG on TV but she’s in another show where she gets to kick ass.

This is where my hope for the show lied. As I began watching the forty minute program my mind began to have some troubles. The show starts with the first twin SMG plays named Bridgette. She’s a former stripper and is six months clean and sober. She is also the only witness in the brutal murder of another stripper.

Here is where shit starts going down. Bridgette decides to run away, knocking out the officer protecting her and fleeing to the Hamptons, to be with her sister. (Becuase no one will ever find her there). The first couple hours into the visit Bridgette and her sister, Siobhan, go on a boat ride. When Bridgette wakes up she assumes her sister has committed suicide and takes over her life. I’m sure all of that will be explained later because the shocker at the end is that Siobhan is alive!

Alright, this is where things get ever crazier. Siobhan and her husband don’t get along and although they live together it seems the relationship is all for show and nothing else. Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd), the husband, also has a really screwed up daughter who was recently kicked out of boarding school. The reason, Drugs! Of course, because this plot isn’t crazy enough, now Bridgette, the former drug adict, now has another druggie in the house.

Siobhan’s crazy life hasn’t ended there either. She is having an affair with her best friends husband, she’s pregnant and at the end of the episode someone tries to kill her. Crazy.

So, to sum up, Bridgette is a former drug adict/stripper who takes over her sisters life after the man who is coming after her is freed from jail. Siobhan, not dead, has a jealous boy-toy, a drug adict step-daughter, a husband who doesn’t pay attention to her and has people trying to kill her. I believe I covered everything but there was a lot of information in that episode, it’s hard to keep track.

My one pet peeve which I don’t think will be rectified is the mirror work. Why does every scene need to have someone: looking in a mirror, touching a mirror, talking to someone through the mirror, and my favourite, walking past a mirror so you think it’s the person but then they pan out and its actually a mirror. Come on guys, mirror stuff can be cool but that was just overkill.

Anyway, I’m interested enough to give the show another chance but I’m worried it will dissolve into chaos really fast.


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