Book of the Week – Invisible Monsters

Invisible Monsters

*I’m really trying to do book of the week every week but I am taking a summer class right now so having time for leisurely reading is hard. 



Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk has been my favourite book by him since I was sixteen. The book is filled with incredibly vivid images and leaves you wanting more after each page.

The novel focus’ on a young model, Shannon, whose whole life is turned around when her jaw is shot off as she was driving down the highway. While in the hospital she meets Brandy Alexander, a beautiful and charismatic transvestite. Brandy and Shannon, along with another male companion, travel across the country, each looking for/running from something different.

Invisible Monsters is filled with Palahniuk interesting and somewhat disturbing facts, that have nothing and everything to do with the plot. This book makes you think about everything from religious symbols, to Hollywood, to the LGBT community. Palahniuk handles these themes in a beautiful way that allows you to see every side of the issue and decide for yourself where you stand.

I cannot recommend this book enough, and if you are a fan of Fight Club, this gritty book is right up your alley.


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