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Community is one of the best comedy shows on television right now. Although it seems to have the same viewer count as other smaller comedies like Arrested Development, it seems to have the same dedicated fan base. After seeing the second season of the show the first seems to begin slow and have a less exciting premise. Going back and watching it again, and again, and again, the show has the same wit and incredible character development as the rest of the series.

The show takes place at Greendale Community College (with their mascots the Greendale Human Beings) and each episode parodies one or a couple movies. Although this may seem crazy, the show makes itself very aware of the comparisons to movies which makes it all the more brilliant. The show features brilliant actors, Danny Pudi (Abed), Joel McHale (Jeff), Alison Brie (Annie), Donald Glover (Troy), Gillian Jacobs (Britta), Yvette Nicole Brown (Shirley), the amazing Ken Jeong (Senior Chang) and Chevy Chase (Pierce). It also features guest performences from John Oliver (Prof. Ian Duncan), Jim Rash (Dean Pelton), Betty White, Owen Wilson, Jack Black and Josh Holloway (as the incredible Black Rider).

The show is written and was created by the incredible Dan Harmon and is directed and produced by Joe and Anthony Russo. Harmon recently did a in-depth tell all interview of the second season with the A.V. Club. (Click here for Part One) And with that I will leave you with a few video clips.

Anthropology Rap – Season 2 (featuring Danny Pudi, Betty White and Donald Glover)


Clip from Advanced Dungeons and Dragons


Intro to Statistics


And finally A Fist Full of Paintballs (feautring Josh Holloway)



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