SYTYCD – Week One Performance

The competition has officially begun with the first performance show of Season 8. The judges for this week are staples Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy, as well as actress Megan Mullally. The curse is back again this season with Mitchell Kelly not performing because of a injury. He is replaced by Season 7’s Robert Roldan.

The first performance of the evening was a African Jazz piece choreographed by Sean Cheeseman. Jordan Casanova and Tadd Gadduang performed to “Riding the Waves” by Afro Celt Sound System.

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Sasha Mallory and Alexander Frost were next performing a contemporary routine choreographed by Travis Wall to the song “Stupid (Mark Bell mix) by Sarah McLachlan.

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Performing a Tyce Diorio broadway piece was Clarice Ordaz and Jess LeProtto to “Me and My Baby” by Liza Minnelli.

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Up next were Ryan Ramirez and Ricky Jaime performing a Christopher Scott lyrical hip hop number to “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Lighthouse Family.

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As I stated earlier Mitchell Kelly was out for an injury and Robert Roldan was replacing him in a jazz piece with Caitlynn Lawson. This is a Sonya Tayeh piece to the song “In For The Kill (Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Remix” by La Roux.

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The first ballroom of the night was Miranda Maleski and Robert Taylor Jr. They were performing a Jason Gilkison jive to “Runaway Baby” by Bruno Mars. I couldn’t find a copy because of copyright infringements on the song.

Performing a Sean Cheeseman jazz piece was Missy Morelli and Wadi Jones to the song “Judas (R3HAB Remix) by Lady Gaga.

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I love Ingrid Michaelson and the fact that Travis Wall is using on this show makes me really happy. She is perfect for his choreography. Melanie Moore and Marko Germar perform this contemporary routine to “Turn to Stone.”

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Performing the second Christopher Scott routine of the night was Ashley Rich and Chris Koehl. This hip hop piece was to the song “Forget You!” by Cee Lo Green. There is no sound on the video because of copyright infringements on the song.

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The last number of the night was Iveta Lukosuite and Nick Young’s quickstep. This Jason Gilkison number was to the song “Ballroom Blitz” by Sweet.

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