Meet the Top 20 – Episode

The Meet the Top 20 episode this year was filled with incredible dancing. The judges for the night were Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, Tyce DiOrio, Lil’C, and Robin Antin. I love that they have started doing this, getting to see the dancers perform before the competition starts gives you a better idea of what they are like in their own styles. It also helps to show why they were given this opportunity.

The top 20 are: Alexander Frost, Ashley Rich, Caitlynn Lawson, Chris Koehl, Clarice Ordaz, Iveta Lukosuite, Jess LeProtto, Jordan Casanova, Marko Germar, Melanie Moore, Miranda Maleski, Missy Morelli, Mitchell Kelly, Nick Young, Ricky Jaime, Robert Taylor Jr., Ryan Ramirez, Sasha Mallory, Tadd Gadduang, and Wadi Jones. 

The first dance of the night was a contemporary routine performed by Ricky Jamie, Miranda Maleski, Sasha Mallory and Melanie Moore. “In This Shirt” by The Irrepressibles was choreographed by the amazing Stacey Tookey.

Credit to IdolXfactor

Tadd Gadduang, Wadi Jones, Chris Koehl and Robert Taylor Jr. represented hip hop performing a Dave Scott routine to “Everyday (Coolin’)” by Swizz Beatz featuring Eve.

Credit to IdolXfactor

Since Iveta Lukosiute is the only ballroom dancer she was paired with the adorable Pasha Kovalev. They performed a ballroom melody featuring the Viennese Waltz, the Paso Doble and the Chacha. The Jason Gilkison routine was to the song “Ven a Bailar (On the Floor)” by Jennifer Lopez and featuring Pitbull.

Credit to IdolXfactor

Sonya Tayeh choreographed the next jazz piece to “Vanguardian” by Steed Lord featuring Jordan Casanova, Marko Germar, Missy Morelli and Clarice Ordaz.

Credit to IdolXfactor

The incredible Christopher Scott choreographed the broadway/tap piece featuring Jess LeProtto and Nick Young. I love that they asked him back, he is so talented. The song he used was “Funkier Than a Mosquito’s Tweeter” by Nina Simone.

Credit to IdolXfactor

For the second contemporary routine my favourite Travis Wall choreographed to the song “Moth’s Wings” by Passion Pit featuring Alexander Frost, Mitchell Kelly, Caitlynn Lawson, Ryan Ramirez and Ashley Rich.

Credit to IdolXfactor

For the last three routines of the night they gave the boys a dance, the girls a dance and than had a group dance. This was a good way to see who is the strongest of their gender and than of the group. The first routine was a contemporary/hip hop mix choreographed by Christopher Scott to the song “Velocity” by Nathan Lanier. (the LXD composer)

Credit to  BboyRisky1

The girls routine was a Sonya Tayeh jazz to the song “Pop Drop and Roll” by Chonique Sneed and Lisette Bustamante.

Credit to BboyRisky1

The final dance of the night was a Tyce Diorio jazz to the song “Little Bird” by Annie Lennox.

Credit to IdolXfactor


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