America’s Best Dance Crew – Katy Perry

This week America’s Best Dance Crew profiled superstar Katy Perry. It is really cool when the artists actually hand out the assignments. The crews were all good this week but there was some energy lacking in some of the performances. Also JC is kind of a douche to D-Trix. Other than that there was some very interesting tricks and choreography.

To start off the show Mario Lopez announced which two crews would be safe and dance on next weeks episode. The two crews were: Phunk Phenomenon and I aM mE. Well done America, these crews were both really good the previous week. It’s nice that they are gaining strong followings.

Phunk Phenomenon

First to perform was Phunk Phenomenon to Katy Perry’s hit “Waking Up In Vegas.” Their challenge this week was to create a roulette wheel on the stage. They did this well, it looked really cool in the overhead shot. The dance was not that strong though, it had cool parts but overall it was not memorable or clean. There was a lot going on and it was kind of campy.

I aM mE

I aM mE were up next performing to “Peacock,” and their challenge was … to fan out on the stage like a peacock. Shocked weren’t you. It is cool to see them doing research every episode to help make their routine as interesting as possible. The peacock was really cool and very creative, I like that they did it two different ways. Their cannon was amazing and their work in the diagonal line was incredible. This routine was the best of the night in my opinion. Smart, intricate and well put together.

787 Crew

The next crew Lopez announced as safe was 787 Crew. They performed to the track “Hot n Cold” and their challenge was to create a roller coaster on the stage. They had some cool tricks and the roller coaster part was cool as well. It was cool that they included Pery even though he has a broken leg and he came out and owned the stage. Very creative.

ICONic Boyz and Instant Noodles were the final two crews saved by America’s votes.

ICONic Boyz

First up were the ICONic Boyz performing to “Teenage Dream.” Their challenge was to create a wall on stage and break it down. The number was cute and I completely agree with D-Trix in saying that the number wasn’t at the same level as the older kids. JC should not have gone off on him like that and it showed a different side of him. Not cool.

Instant Noodles

Instant Noodles performed to the hit “Firework,” and their challenge was to have a moment that creates a chain reaction on the stage. I was very impressed with Instant Noodles this week. They created a good routine that still had their silly moment but did it clever instead of cheesy. The ballet part was cute and their tricks were awesome.

The two crews that received the lowest amount of votes were ReQuest Dance Crew and Street Kingdom.

Street Kingdom

Street Kingdom won the coin toss and performed first to “E.T.” featuring Kanye West and their challenge was to create a spaceship. This routine was a thousand times better than last week. They came out strong and hit hard. Their routine was so intricate and had a really cool story. Loved this piece, and it is helping me grasp more of what Krumping is.

ReQuest Dance Crew

ReQuest Dance Crew were the last performance of the night dancing to “California Girls” featuring Snoop Dogg. Their challenge was to ride a wave on stage. The wave part was cool but the routine lacked energy. It was cute but not as strong as last weeks.

Lopez has the best side comments, I just felt the need to include this. “The judges are putting their heads together to figure out which crew will see the light of day.” Oh Mario. 😉

After deliberation Street Kingdom was safe and ReQuest Dance Crew was sent home. Not very surprising after D-Trix cried  describing how good they were. I do agree though, Street Kingdom had the stronger routine tonight.


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3 Comments on “America’s Best Dance Crew – Katy Perry”

  1. May 16, 2011 at 1:14 pm #

    Really nice review, I wish ore people were writing about this show! I also have been reviewing it on my blog, and I would love for you to stop by.

    I think the only disagreement I have with you is about Phunk. I really liked this performance, thought it showed a different side to them, and it was just really fun!


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