America’s Best Dance Crew – Black Eyed Peas

For the third episode of America’s Best Dance Crew the eight remaining crews battled it out to the hits of the Black Eyed Peas. Lil Mama looked crazy this week with the extended bottom eyelashes and blinding giant triangle necklace. I get the reference to the future and the Black Eyed Peas but when the two guys sitting beside you are in hoodies and t-shirts, it’s like one of these things is not like the others. On to the episode, the crews were amazing this week, they really took the judges critiques and their challenge seriously and had incredible performances.

To begin the evening Mario Lopez announced the two crews who would advance to the next episode; ICONic Boyz and Phunk Phenomenon. Not too surprising.

ICONic Boyz

ICONic Boyz are first to perform and their challenge was to be connected at one point on the stage. The song given to them was “Just Can’t Get Enough.” It was a great piece, very creative. The beginning was very cool with the boys holding the legs of the boys falling forward. I am still not entirely on this team, especially after seeing the other numbers, I feel like they show their age and in-experience a little too much. They will be monsters when they grow up but I still believe they are too young.

Phunk Phenomenon

Phunk Phenomenon were up next and their challenge was speed control. Performing to the song “Don’t Stop The Party,” Phunk Phenomenon had really cool transitions but were slow in the beginning. The slow motion section *pictured above* was very cool and after that they exploded. When the one guy bounced across the stage on his back with the rest bouncing behind him, incredible. They’re amazing at the fast paced dancing and showed their strengths in this routine.

Mario then brought the crews back on stage and announced the two crews that were safe; IaMmE and Street Kingdom.


IaMmE hit the floor with their challenge, transform into a machine. Their song was “Meet Me Halfway,” and their performance was incredible. Their connecting movements were amazing, very creative. They were very in sync and hit hard. The machine they created in the middle of the dance and then moved it across the stage was very cool as well. Great images.

Street Kingdom

Performing to the hit “Imma Be,” was Street Kingdom with the challenge: create a futuristic battle using light sabers. The guy who had the double saber handled it awkwardly. The number was good but I wasn’t blown away, not the strongest of the night.

The final two crews to move on to next weeks episode were 787 Crew and Instant Noodles. Making the bottom two FootworKINGz and ReQuest. This was very surprising to me. I loved FootworKINGz last episode and was not that taken with Instant Noodles.

787 Crew

First up were the 787 Crew performing to the song “Boom Boom Pow.” Their challenge was to teleport…yeah. I was very interested to see what they were going to do and they pulled it out. The teleportation looked amazing, as well as the line they created and cannoned to the guy opposite them. They are so in sync and the number was so hard hitting and fun. I am excited to see what they do next.

Instant Noodles

Performing to “My Humps” was Instant Noodles, and their challenge was to make a video game. It was good, too campy for me. I don’t find their dancing or tricks interesting enough for them to be that silly.


For the first bottom two performance FootworKINGz danced to “I Gotta Feeling” while attempting to float. The first float was cool, very quick. Their transitions are amazing and they use the stage so well. I was very upset with them being in the bottom and after this I cannot believe they got the least amount of votes.


ReQuest was next performing to “The Time (Dirty Bit)” while they cloned themselves. The beginning cloning part was genius and the rest were really cool. The were very in sync and creative with their number. Neither of these two crews should go home this week.

The crew that did not survive this weeks elimination was FootworKINGz. I was stunned and really upset by that. They were an amazing crew and I cannot wait to see what they do in the future.


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