America’s Best Dance Crew – Ke$ha

This week’s ABDC Superstar edition was based around singer Ke$ha and of course the episode starts off with the girls on the poles. Watching these episodes I have gained a lot of respect for JC Chavez, I find his comments very helpful and they seem to be the most informed and helpful for the crews. D-Trix got better as the night went on but there is something about him on this show that makes him less desirable than when he was on So You Think You Can Dance. The group number was to Ke$ha’s We R Who We R.


The first crew of the night was the FootworKINGz performing to the smash hit Tik Tok. All the footwork they showed in the package looked the same to me but I like more intricate dancing so I’m intrigued. I love that they began slow and then *bam* they exploded into really fast and intricate movements. These guys are on my must watch list, that was brilliant, it blew me away.

787 Crew

787 Crew was the next performance of the night to Ke$ha’s Blow. The opening package was so sad, wishing Pery a speedy recovery. The opening of this number was really cool and they were very in sync. I liked that they didn’t rely on their tricks but used them to enhance their dancing. Although I enjoyed the number I cringed every time one of them did a trick. (see above)

ICONic Boyz

ICONic Boyz are adorable, I didn’t know crews this young could be on the show. Dancing to Your Love is My Drug, ICONic Boyz are good but I think they still need some time to mature and find their own groove.I get what ABDC is doing with having them on the show and they are great, especially for their age but i don’t think they measure up to some the stronger crews on the show.


Jag6ed were the next to perform to Sleazy. I never though of pole dancing as a hip hop dancing or crew dance but i’m intrigued. They said in the package that they want to combat the sleazy image that pole dancing has and then all they did was gyrate and body roll in between tricks. Not the best way to battle the sleazy image ladies. The choreography was awful, which was surprising since they said they were all dancers. Some of the pole stuff was cool but the girls on the floor were really distracting. D-Trix actually made a great comment (the first part at least) and I completely agree with him; “it’s like two people are talking.”

Instant Noodles

Last on the stage was the crew Instant Noodles performing to Dirty Picture. Based on the description in the package they could either be incredibly cheesy or just incredible. They were very smooth and the tricks were cool but it felt really…slow…stiff…maybe it was the song. And then to cap off some of the ridiculous he spewed earlier in the episode D-Trix hit the nail on the head. The number was predictable.

The first two crews to pass on to the next round were FootworKINGz, obviously, and ICONic Boyz *slams head on desk.* Not surprising but I don’t think they were top two material.

The next crew to move on to next week is the 787 Crew. Leaving Jag6ed and Instant Noodles in the bottom. Based on the dances this week these two deserve the bottom slots.

The last crew to move forward is Instant Noodles, making Jag6ed the second casualty this season. This is not a surprise and this concept could be cool but it wasn’t well executed.

Photo Credit to America’s Best Dance Crew


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5 Comments on “America’s Best Dance Crew – Ke$ha”

  1. December 28, 2011 at 11:09 am #

    I really hope they go away from the whole seaosn of the stars format. I like it betetr when the music is more diverse and fits more to the crew!


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