America’s Best Dance Crew – Lil Wayne

America’s Best Dance Crew is back for it’s sixth season changing up judges again with Dominic ‘D-Trix’ Sandoval. His crew Quest won the ABDC title and he was also a finalist on So You Think You Can Dance. This is the season of the superstar, with Mario Lopez constantly reminding the viewers that each week will showcase a pop star. The main two judges J.C. Chavez and Lil Mama have continued as solid judges each year. D-Trix is not the most eloquent judge and he does not come off as well as a judge, but it is only the first episode. This week features the hits of Lil Wayne whom Mario Lopez calls “hip-hops prolific mastermind.”

They began with an opening number to “6 Foot 7 Foot” featuring Cory Gunz. IaMmE owned the stage in this number showing up the second group Eclectic Gentlemen. The all girl group ReQuest was interesting and Phunk Phenomenon was super fierce. The last group Street Kingdom was good in their number but not memorable.


First crew to dance was IaMmE using the song “Right Above It” feat. Drake. They have a really cool asthetic featuring a very intricate beginning. I really enjoy arm choreography but I agree with J.C. when he said their movements were too focused on one part of the stage. I would have liked more movement in their bodies. That said their lifts were really interesting.

Phunk Phenomenon

Phunk Phenomenon was the second group up dancing to “A Mili” and claiming part of their style is organized chaos. This encapsulates their style perfectly. They are great at moving across the stage, and the trick where one of the dancers flies over another dancer who is doing a trick, awesome. The end of the dance was very cool as well with the girl kicking and all the guys flying down.


ReQuest Dance Crew is the first international crew for ABDC dancing to Lil Wayne’s “Knockout” featuring Nicki Minaj. I like that they are trying to be hard and not like some girl groups who are just using their looks and body to get votes. They were interesting but nothing really stood out about them. They were not the weakest but they were far from the top.

Eclectic Gentlemen

Eclectic Gentlemen were the next group to dance, performing to “Firemen.” I did not enjoy this performance and found it very slow and stiff. Their movements were not as interesting as the other contestants.

Street Kingdom

Street Kingdom was the last performance of the night, dancing to “I Am Not A Human Being.” They had some very cool and interesting sections of the dance but it didn’t flow very well. When they were in a clump and were all krumping differently at the same time, that was really cool. I’m interested to see where they go but I’m not a huge Krump fan so I am not as interested in them.

Then the results came. Street Kingdom and Phunk Phenomon were saved first. This was not much of a surprise based on the judges reactions. I aM mE was the next to be saved, which I am happy about. These three crews should prove interesting competition. The final two crews on the chopping block are ReQuest and Eclectic Gentlemen. Why Mario Lopez needs to repeat the comments I do not understand. We watched them say these things fifteen minutes ago. Seems more like a time filler. Not too much of a surprise but ReQuest Dance Crew was the last to be saved and the Eclectic Gentlemen were sent home.

Eclectic Gentlemen

Photo Credit to America’s Best Dance Crew


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