Student Day of Action

Tuition fees are raising all over the world as a way to ‘solve’ the economic crisis. As a way to protest this schools all over Halifax are coming together on February 2nd. The Student Day of Action will feature two dances by the King’s Dance Collective. For a great article showing our participation in the event click here: Dalhousie Gazette.

I am so excited for this day and hope the Government listens to us instead of screwing over the next generation.

For more information on the Day of Action here is a video made by Nova Scotia students.


Photo by Colin Davis (Colin_Davis on Twitter)

The march was incredible, over 2,000 students from five universities came out to protest rising tuition fees. I have never been a part of a rally like this and am very happy I participated in it. At King’s Dan Brown and Kiki Wood pumped us up with speeches before heading to Dalhousie to pick up those students. When we got to Victoria Park we heard from Laura Penny who quoted Dexter from 2006 saying he would cut tuition fees for students after making a reference to Groundhog Day. Before leaving Gabe Hoogers made a speech reminiscent of a General before battle. Even though it was a blizzard outside we all marched chanting “Reduce Fees, Drop Debt”, and “The Students United, Will Never Be Defeated!” I never never felt more connected to my fellow students. Down at Parliament House we chanted “Darrell” over and over, which hopefully sent shivers to everyone in that building. Even though it was freezing cold and warming up took the entirety of that night I would not change that experience in any way. It was an incredible day and the organizers of this protest should be extremely proud.

Gabe’s speech:

Here is the article written for the King’s newspaper The Watch.


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