Legion of Extraordinary Dancers – Copeland


With his steely gaze, iron will and mercurial temper, Copeland possesses many of the same traits as the metals he works with by trade.  As a result, it’s only fitting that the heat of battle and the fiery furnace of a steel mill are the only places where this metal worker feels truly at peace.  Notorious within the Legion as its most reluctant recruit to date, Copeland views his power – the rare ability of sonic disruption – as a personal curse rather than a gift for all humanity.  For even though his talents allow him to create an audio-based energy field significant enough to disable an adversary, shatter the sound barrier and even trigger minor seismic activity, he knows that no noise, however loud, could ever drown out the demons of his own tormented past.  Given that the Legion has more to do with Copeland’s extraordinary condition than this report is allowed to reveal, it’s High Command’s sincere hope that his induction into the LXD means he’s finally realizing that some battles can’t be fought alone – least of all the one against himself.

Copeland is portrayed by the incredible Christopher Scott. Scott is originally from Maryland. He trained in tap at Colburn School of Preforming Arts in Downtown Los Angeles. In 2000 he debuted at a preformance with Mariah Carey, Nas, and Joe. In 2007 he danced as Alivn of the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks. He was Hair in both Step Up 2 and 3D, and has been in many music videos. He also choreographed the amazing top ten plus all stars routine on So You Think You Can Dance. (Click here to view). Info credit to boogiezone


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