Walking into the auditions today was very nerve-racking. I did brilliantly manage a cold today also which, did not help the situation. I ran in thinking I would be really late and grabbed a sign in sheet from Julia. I found it amusing since I created the template for these sheets. No big deal.

It was weird to be there even though I knew half the girls and am one of the oldest there. I am not one to hold power over peoples heads so I stayed in the back and watched. The routine was to Crabbuckit by K-Os and was really cute.

I was having a hard time with one part of the routine which made me really nervous but I was the last to audition. I had four girls and one boy (Yay for boys!) in my group, mostly first years. We had a few minutes to wait before going because they were looking over the audition sheets for the group before us. This did not help my nerves.

“Actually Seana, we’re going to have you audition alone,” Lauren said from behind the table.

I chuckled and made a sad face at her. That definitely helped calm my nerves before the music started. I was front row right side. No mirror. The perfect spot to just dance without looking at the others.

This was the first time I got the routine right. The part I was struggling with I breezed by. I don’t think I’ve ever done that well. After we finished I realized how silly my nerves were. What did I have to be nervous about? I had a great audition and that was such a fun experience!

Just as I was leaving I went back over to Lauren, Julia and Sasha and wished them good luck with the rest of the auditions. I thanked them, and just as I was turning Julia yelled about choreography and how they would email me.

I was happy to see some girls from last year there and it was amazing to dance again. Now I have a package of Neo-Citron and a Religions textbook begging for my attention. Until next time…


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