Legion Of Extraordinary Dancers – Fanboyz


Although the FanBoyz may appear to be the unlikeliest of LXD recruits, Stereo, Phono and Minijack possess abilities that are entirely unique within the Legion, if not the world.  They’re a team of technopaths – individuals who share an understanding of technology that goes far beyond the established limits of mathematics, engineering and physics.  While their first inventions, including Room Temperature Ice, Wedgie Proof Underwear and Rocket-Powered Ballpoint Pens, were responsible for more calls to the fire department than any devices patented in the last seventy-five years, the Legion is in agreement that the FanBoyz’ potential is staggering.  Furthermore, their powers show similar promise outside of the lab.  Initially considered for recruitment based on footage of a rigorous training regiment of their own design, they’ve found abilities within themselves that are magnified tenfold by their dedication to the Legion and its cause.  Our prediction is that the FanBoyz – a team that’s truly greater than the sum of its parts – will soon find themselves with fans of their own.

The Fanboyz are Stereo, Phono and Minijack. Stereo is portrayed by Aja George, Phono is portrayed by Straphanio “Shonnie” Solomon and Minijack is portrayed by Terence Dickson.

Aja George, Straphanio “Shonnie” Solomon and Terence Dickson appeared in Step Up 3D as The Ticks.


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