Legion Of Extraordinary Dancers – Elliot Hoo

Elliot Hoo

Elliot is a rare exception to the typical criteria for LXD recruitment.  Possessing no actual powers of his own, he’s the unwilling participant in a symbiotic relationship with the X7’s – a pair of sentient sneakers that the LXD had long feared lost or destroyed.  Finding them in a house once belonging to Legion member [NAME REDACTED], Elliot unwittingly bonded with the shoes before they could be recovered and paired with a true LXD recruit.  While Extraordinary Level security clearance is required to access the rather incredible history of the X7’s, it’s been made public knowledge – if only for the sake of explaining Mr. Hoo’s rather unorthodox behavior – that Elliot is not wearing his shoes.  His shoes, quite to the contrary, are wearing him.  In spite of being an oftentimes unwilling dance partner for the X7’s fancy footwork, Elliot has nevertheless proven himself a valuable member of the LXD.  Observer reports indicate a growing level of tolerance and respect developing between him and the X7’s, providing high hopes that theirs will move forward like any other relationship: one step at a time.

Elliot Hoo is portrayed by Harry Shum Jr. Shum is the co-choreographer of the LXD and co-choreographed the numbers for the So You Think You Can Dance and for the TED conference as well as dancing for the Oscars. Shum is on a little television show called Glee as the character Mike Chang. He has also appeared on other television shows like Greek, and Zoey 101. Shum has been featured in movies as well; You Got Served, Stomp the Yard and Step Up 2 and 3D.


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