Legion Of Extraordinary Dancers – The Dark Doctor

The Dark Doctor

Genius.  Psychopath.  Murderer.  For generations, LXD agents have applied these labels to an enemy known only as “The Dark Doctor.”  An ageless adversary whose reign of terror dates back to the 1940’s, this shadowy figure is believed to be responsible for the kidnappings of countless patients from the beds of Pleasanton Hospital.  While the fate of these doomed souls remains unknown, certain – and terrifying – evidence suggests that they suffered horrific fates in an attempt to synthesize and weaponize the very energy that allows the LXD to maintain order in the world.    While autopsies indicate that he is yet to find the perfect candidate for his experiments, LXD High Command has expressed a high degree of concern for what will transpire if he does.  Although attempts have been made to trace Dark Doctor’s origins, each one ends in a dead end at the Edwards Air Force Base in New Mexico.  Only one thing is for certain: whatever happened there in 1943 is responsible for one of the greatest enemies humanity has ever known.

The Dark Doctor is portrayed by John “JRock” Nelson. Nelson grew up in Los Angeles, California and specializes in popping. He formed the crew Animated Beat Mechanics, or ABM. His goal is to show popping as a legitimate art form.  He can be seen in the recent Step Up 3D movie.


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