Legion Of Extraordinary Dancers – Sp3cimen


Little is known about the origins of the LXD member known only as Sp3cimen.  Although it’s been confirmed that he received medical treatment for a gunshot wound immediately preceding the beginning of the Uprising, his hospital chart and medical records have been mysteriously purged from the computer systems of Pleasanton Hospital.  While investigations are ongoing, including attempts to discover the identity of his doctor and the current whereabouts of his nurse, Extraordinary Level security clearance is required to access this information.  Apprentice Level details, however, are available to all LXD recruits and reveal that Sp3cimen has the power to manipulate the mechanics of both space and time.  This rare gift, permitting him to phase his joints between two distinct moments, lends his movements a robotic precision seldom seen outside of instruments of war.  This is, in part, why many LXD members believe he had a military background prior to his recruitment into the LXD.  While x-rays indicate that Sp3cimen isn’t entirely human, the wedding ring on his finger indicates he once was…and may be again.

His powers are Long Range Movement Missiles, Bass Booms and Popdaggers.

Sp3cimen is portrayed by Chadd Smith aka Madd Chadd. Smith’s hometown is in Ventura Country, California and his main style is robotic isolations. He is a dancer, actor and model. He was in the 2007 movie Epic Movie and was featured in Step Up 3D as Vladd.


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