Legion Of Extraordinary Dancers – Jimmy Angel

Jimmy Angel

Coming to the Legion’s attention following his fateful encounter with an Extraordinary 7 artifact, Jimmy Angel is a rogue element whose whereabouts are currently unknown.  A known associate of Legion member Justin Starr, who’s similarly imbued with the power of gravity manipulation, Angel has history of criminal behavior.  Although his convictions are currently limited to misdemeanors ranging from trespassing to vandalism, a psychological profile indicates that his antisocial tendencies have a likelihood to escalate in relation to his powers.  Given that his ability to shatter the bonds of gravity – rendering himself temporarily weightless – is compounded in destructive potential by a lifetime of martial arts training, Legion members possessing anything less than Master status are prohibited from engaging Angel should they encounter him in the field.

While there’s been some speculation that Angel’s disappearance may be related to the interception of an LXD recruitment letter intended for him, he should be considered armed and dangerous until Observers can discover his whereabouts, assess whether or not he poses a threat and determine once and for all his allegiance to good…or to evil.

He is the former best friend of Justin Starr and his power is Body Weaponry for Internal Bleeding.

Jimmy Angel is portrayed by Travis Wong. Wong is a nationally ranked forms and weapons competitor. At age 14 he became the youngest inductee into the “Inside Kung Fu: Hall Of Fame.” He is currently one of 25 international athletes selected to represent the World Freerunning and Parkour Federation. Along with Andy Bell of Nitro Circus, Wong co-hosted the first season of MTV’s Ultimate Parkour Challenge. He also did stunts for the upcoming Green Hornet movie as well as being a trickster in Step Up 3D.

Credit Travis Wong’s official site.


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