So You Think You Can Dance – Finale Season 7

This season happened very quickly, I cannot believe it is already over. I am excited for this episode and to see what dances make the judges and contestants favorites! There have been some amazing routines this year. At first I was skeptical of the all-stars but now I embrace them and think it was a genius idea.

Opening Number

The opening number tonight was choreographed by Legion of Extraordinary Dancers choreographer Christoper Scott. This dance was fabulous. He incorporated every style of dance while still sticking to his own style. The end with everyone dancing was bananas. I’m glad they incorporated Alex Wong even if it was in a chair.

Kent and Neil

Dance choreographer and director Kenny Ortega was the first to choose his favorite dance of the season. He choose Tyce Diorio’s “Shoeless Joe” piece with Kent Boyd and Neil Haskell. This piece was lovely, Neil and Kent are so good.

Billy and Ade

Judge Nigel Lythgoe was next to choose his favorite dance. He choose Stacey Tookey’s “Mad World” routine with Billy Bell and Ade Obayami. This routine is unreal. Billy is incredible and was taken out way too early.


The first guest performance was from the breaking group Quest. This performance was brilliant. The tricks were amazing, and the transitions were insane.

Comfort and Adechike

Choreographer Mia Michaels choose NappyTabs “Fallen” with Comfort Fedoke and Adechike Torbert as her favorite dance of the season. This dance is beyond, best piece from Adechike by far.

Kent and Anya

Then they had Kent and Anya Garnis preform the “My First Kiss” routine. Not the best routine of the season but it was better then the first performance of it.

Dominic and Robert

Tyce Diorio choose “Scars” choreographed by NappyTabs and preformed by Robert Roldan and Dominic Sandoval. This dance was amazing, much better then the first time it was performed. So good.


The next performance was a short tap solo by a very talented seven-year-old named Luke. He was one of the best tappers I have seen, and puts Melinda Sullivan to shame.

Manazari Brothers

Then the Manazari brothers came out to perform a tap routine. This was phenomenal. Their sounds were so clear and they were so insync. Incredible.

Pasha and Lauren

Nigel choose Lauren Froderman and Pasha Kovalec’s Argentine Tango, choreographed by Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo, as a favorite of his this season. This dance wasn’t the best ballroom but was a better ballroom.

Allison and Robert

Choreographer, director and judge Adam Shankman chose Travis Walls Fix You routine. This is danced by Robert Roldan and Allision Holker. This was breathtaking. My personal favorite of the season.

Russell and Lil C

Last season’s winner Russell Ferguson and judge/choreographer Lil C preformed a krump routine. I always forget how incredible Lil C is, he’s so smooth in his movements.

Jose and Dominic

Former judge and ballroom expert Mary Murphy chose the NappyTabs routine “Battle for the Beat” performed by Jose Ruiz and Dominic. This routine was good, but I would never have picked it to be in the finale.

Neil and Charlie

Winner of So You Think You Can Dance UK, Charlie Bruce and all-star Neil preformed a contemporary routine next. This routine was so beautiful.

Robert Roldan

The third place dancer of this season was annouced now and Robert Roldan was given that spot. He lasted much longer than I thought he would but he definietly deserved this position. He is such an incredible dancer and I cannot wait to see what he does in the future. He also looked pretty sexy in that bollywood outfit (haha).

Lauren and Twitch

Adam Shankman picked another NappyTabs routine “My Bad Chick,” with Lauren Froderman and all-star Twitch. This routine was awesome, she controlled this routine and owned the stage.

Cat Deeley picked the Soyna Tayeh routine “Hallelujah” with Alex Wong and Allison Holker. Instead of recreating this routine, since Wong is injured, they just showed it. This was such a beautiful number. It is so sad he was injured but he looked awesome tonight!

Billy and Robert

Stecey Tookey picked the bollywood routine “Ganesh” with Billy Bell and Robert Roldan as her favorite routine. Robert owned the stage in this number and Billy was incredible. I forgot how technical this number was.

Kent and Neil

Mia choose Travis Walls “How it Ends” with Kent and all-star Neil. This number is heartbreaking and shows Kent’s strengths. I was thrilled to see this again.

Black Gold preformed their song “Shine,” which happened to be the outgoing song for the contestants. They were really good, makes me want to hear more from them.

Ellen and Twitch

Since Alex Wong is injured they wanted to recreate his amazing hip hop routine with all-star Twitch. They did this with talk show host and dance fanatic Ellen DeGeneres. I wasn’t that excited when I heard about this but seeing her preform this routine was awesome. She did a lot better then I thought and she added humor to the routine. It was really great, and I am glad they brought out Alex at the end.

Kent and Lauren

Cat then brings out both Kent and Lauren to find out who America’s Favorite Dancer is. And America chose LAUREN FRODERMAN!!!

Winner of SYTYDC Season 7 Lauren Froderman

Lauren is an incredible talent and she completely deserves this title and I am so happy for her!!! For being the only girl in the competition for five weeks she is an inspiration. Congratulations to all of the top three for a fantastic show!

Robert and Lauren

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