So You Think You Can Dance – Finale Episode

The evening began with a montage of the season that very quickly slipped by. There were so many dancers in that montage who I would have loved to see more of. Thinking back on the season though, after the first three cuts, this was the strongest group I have seen on the show. This montage made me really excited to see the top three preform.

Kent and Lauren

Kent  was the first to preform with a bollywood. This was SO awkward. One of them was either too fast or too slow and it did not work. I love that they have bollywood on this show, but sometimes it doesn’t work to the dancers advantage.

Lauren and Twitch

Lauren was next with a NappyTabs hip hop. Someone was off on a few key movements but I couldn’t tell who. The dance was really good though. NappyTabs are brilliant. We watched it again afterwards and this was a solid routine, I really liked it.

Robert and Mark

Woa Robert and Mark look SO similar when they pan out. This did not seem like a Tyce routine at all. I really liked it, Robert’s technique shined in this routine. He danced it brilliantly. I like that they put these two together. For those who didn’t get Mia’s reference click here.


Kent was the first to do his solo. He did the same beginning, run, run, run spin. I didn’t think it was his strongest but it was alright.

Robert and Lauren

Robert and Lauren preformed a Dee Caspary routine next. This routine was so, sweet. Caspary has been incredible in this season and this routine was beautiful. Very, very strong for the both of them. Loved this one.

Kent and Lauren

Oh Mandy Moore…This looked like a competitive number for twelve year olds. Both dancers are so much better then this, I was hoping for something incredible and this just failed. Mandy Moore is so much better than this. Poor Kent, not a good night for him so far.


Robert was the second person to preform a solo. I love watching this boy dance. His solo was so cute, the last few seconds were brilliance.

Kent and Allison

Wow, Kent was so incredible in this contemporary piece. Allison was beyond. This was a different side of Kent then what you normally see, much more mature. The faces were gone, and he just left his heart on the stage. Brilliant.


Lauren was the last to preform a solo. Un-Freakin-Real. The split jump to the splits…insane.

Robert and Kathryn

Robert danced a broadway next with all-star Kathryn. He was very masculine in this dance. It was very West Side Story. Not the greatest dance of the night  but it was good.

Lauren and Pasha

Lauren did a ballroom routine. This was aweosme. When Mia told her she wanted to be her…woa.  That was the most ridiculous comment to receive. Lauren should actually win this competition.

Kent and Robert

The last dance of the night should be forgotten. This was SO awkward. Robert and Kent attempted a ballroom piece. There was nothing good about this dance. Kent did faces, awkward lifts, weird hand positions and really awkward leg movements. Not a good way to end the night.

Lauren Kent and Robert

Tune in tomorrow to find out who was voted America’s Favorite Dancer!

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