Legion Of Extraordinary Dancers – Brendan Broman

Brendan Broman

The most popular student at Pleasanton High, Brendan Broman (aka The Bro) is use to getting his way… and the girl. When he’s not checking himself out in the mirror, Broman loves to relentlessly tease other students, especially those in the Video Club.  As a child, he understood early on that it was better to pick on others than to be picked on himself. However, Trevor Drift and The Obersvers teach him a big lesson in humility at the senior prom, forcing him to reconsider his ways.

But, things haven’t always been easy for The Bro. He may have some secrets of his own.

Brendan Broman is portrayed by actor Ryan Hansen. Hansen has much more acting experience then anyone in the cast. He is most known for his role as Dick Casablancas on the hit show Veronica Mars. He has also been in the movies Superhero Movie and recent remake of Friday the 13th. Hansen was born in Fountain Valley, California and was raised in El Cajon, California.He is involved with the charity Invisible Children, which director Jon M. Chu plays a big part in.  The 29 year-old actor is currently starring in an NBC show Friends With Benefits starting mid season this year.


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