Legion Of Extraordinary Dancers – Trevor Drift

Since the episodes are not availible to me, or any international person, yet (legally) I decided I would start profiling the characters and the dancers who portray them. These dancers are incredible and definitely deserve a time in the spotlight. The biographies of the characters are taken from

Trevor Drift

“Raised to believe the Drift family motto – “Risking anything is risking everything” – Trevor has struggled since childhood to keep his extraordinary powers a secret. Able to render himself lighter than air and perform feats that defy both physics and nature, he’s quietly developed his unique gifts ever since discovering them in the wake of his mother’s death. Watching her die when he was only seven years old, wasting away from an infection that led his father to hold cleanliness in the highest regard, Trevor came to view his talents as something to be ashamed of instead of celebrated. Keeping to himself out of fear that his powers might one day be exposed, he’s earned a reputation as one of the school’s shyest, quietest students – an image that couldn’t be further from the truth. While some of his classmates, like the beautiful Alice Wondershaw, sense greatness within him, it takes a recruitment letter from the LXD for Trevor to realize it in himself. Taking his first steps on the path toward becoming a true hero, Trevor could never guess what secrets are about to be uncovered about his past…and his future.”

His father is Joe Drift and his power is Mass Distortion.

Trevor Drift is portrayed by Luis “Luigi” Rosado. He is a break dancer born in Germany and raised in Italy. When he was seven his family moved to Florida. He began b-boying in 2000 when seeing b-boys from the crew Mind 180 at a show in a church. When he moved to Los Angeles he got a lot of work in commercials, music videos and movies. Rosado then got his big break in the movie Step Up 2 and eventually Step Up 3D playing the character Monster. He has also traveled around the world for b-boy tournaments. From what I could find he is around 23 years-old.

Credit to for the bio information.


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