So You Think You Can Dance – Top Four Elimination

This week was very important for the contestants of So You Think You Can Dance. The top four were competing for the chance to participate in the finale episode. I was pretty sure who would be going to the episode but with this show you never know.

Season Seven All-Stars

Instead of having a contestant group number this week there was an all-star group number. This Dee Caspary routine was amazing. Drumming Song by Florance and the Machine is a great song to dance to and the all-stars left everything on the floor. This was one of my favorite group numbers of the season.


The first solo of the night belonged to Lauren Froderman. This was brilliant. She pulled out everything for this routine. I am so happy she is still in the competition and hope to see more of her.


The next solo of the night was Kent Boyd. His solo was good but after Lauren’s performance it was nothing special. She surpassed him tonight in my eyes. He seemed to pull trick after trick and didn’t do very much dancing. Not a great solo if he was fighting for his life.


Cat then brought the top four out on stage to choose the first contestant to make it into next weeks finale. The top two people were separated by 2% of the vote last night. That is a very small percentage for ten million votes. The first person in the finale was … Lauren!!! I was thrilled, she is such an incredible talent and deserves to be among the top dancers in this season.


Adechike was next to preform his solo. It was different from what he usually does but for what he was attempting it wasn’t very strong. Billy did this last week much better.


When Robert started his solo we were all confused. It was very similar to what Adechike had just done. When he got passed the initial part he branched out and created a beautiful solo.


Cat then brought the final three guys out to find out the next person in the finale. It was Kent, not very surprising but good for him. He is very talented and I am excited to see him preform next week.

Desmond Richardson

Before announcing who was going home Desmond Richardson preformed a solo. I understand he is an incredible dancer and he is a legend, but this solo was not good. I think my expectations were too high and this really let me down.

Adechike and Robert

Adechike and Robert were the last to find out who was in the finale. I was expecting it to be Adechike but hoped for Robert to advance. The third person in the finale was … Robert! That was the most surprising news all season. Everyone was shocked, the judges, Robert, Adechike. I am thrilled beyond belief.

Top Four

Tune in next week to see the top three preform and find out who will win the title of America’s Favorite Dancer!

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