So You Think You Can Dance – Top Four

So You Think You Can Dance is on it’s second last week this week, with the top four premorming two dances with the all-stars. This year the top four are all contemporary/jazz dancers and there is only one girl left. This means if Lauren Froderman does not win the title of America’s Favorite Dancer she will win the top girl prize. As a guest judge this week was Tyce Diorio, who was, as normal, very relaxed, humble and quiet…

Cat Deeley

Now to start off the evening I would like to know, what the hell was Cat wearing? The dress looked like a bad dance costume. (Sorry Cat)

Kent, Lauren, Robert and Adechike

The first routine of the night was a group broadway number choreographed by none other then Tyce Diorio. This number was so boring. Even the lift was dull and I’m sure he thought it was really inventive and cool. This is one of the most known songs from broadway and Diorio turned it into a flat number. I think taking the words out of the music helped to flatten it as well.

Lauren was the first contestant to preform alone and did so with an Argentine Tango. This dance was not really dancing. I found it to be sultry and sexy but nothing happened. They rubbed up against each other and he lifted her, flung her around a bit and it was over.

Adechike and Lauren

Adechike was next with an African Jazz routine. He was in a shrug? Is that African? Is that for a man? Was Lauren supposed to wear it but things got mixed up backstage? Brutal. The number was not great. Adechike didn’t extend as much as Lauren. All her movements were huge and his seemed really small in comparison. He also got slammed all night from the judges. You can tell they want him gone this week.

Anya and Robert

Ballroom…again. I heard a lot of people complaining that Robert never got hip hop and that he was so lucky. He has had every type of ballroom, not so lucky. This routine was okay, really slow. His lift was a little shakey but all in all it wasn’t the worst dance tonight.

Kent and Courtney

Kent was the next to preform with a Disco routine. This routine was not very good. He looked like a twelve year old competition dancer, shocking, I know. I enjoyed when Nigel called him out on the routine not being as difficult and there not being as many lifts. Even with an easier routine it wasn’t a strong Disco number. There have been much harder routines that have been danced much better.

Lauren and Ade

I know this isn’t the best picture but this lift was crazy. Favorite lift I’ve seen on the show so far, it was so interesting. There was a really cool hand choreography section in the dance as well. The dance otherwise was alright. Lauren danced in heels, which is crazy, but she rocked it.

Kathryn and Adechike

This was the most hyped dance of the show. With Desmond Richardson and Dwight Rhoden doing the choreography I was hoping for brilliance. This was Adechike’s chance to shine. Unfortunately all he managed was a short glimmer. This dance was not very good. I could not tell you one move from the dance. It didn’t have a great song and there was nothing interesting or new.

Robert and Dominic

Robert was next to dance his first hip hop of the season with all-star Dominic. This dance was cute. The makeup and costumes were a little creepy but the dancing was awesome. NappyTabs rock with the two guy choreo. Loved this dance.

Kent and Neil

The last dance of the night was a Travis Wall contemporary routine with Kent and Neil. This routine was bananas. We watched it twice it was so good. Travis is brilliant and the dancers were incredible. This is a must see.


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