So You Think You Can Dance – Top Six Elimination

Tonight is a very sad night for the contestants of So You Think You Can Dance, not only is it an elimination night but two people have to go home. There is a lot up in the air with Lauren Froderman and her medic situation last night. No one knows how she will be feeling tonight, but I hope she got better and can continue on in the competition.

The show opened up with a Mia Michael’s contemporary routine. I found it very intriguing and very Mia. There were so many boys in that number, I love boys. Allison was incredible and owned that stage.

The first two to find out their results were Jose Ruiz and Kent Boyd. When I saw this pairing it was so obvious who was going into the bottom three. And shock Jose is the first member of the bottom three.

The next two out were Adechike Torbert and Billy Bell. What was Billy wearing, is he planning on dancing in that? The person joining Jose in the bottom was Billy. Um really? He was fabulous last night and Adechike was, well, not. Good job America…

The last two on stage were Lauren Froderman and Robert Roldan. Lauren is looking great and clearly is alright to continue on in the competition. The last person in the bottom three is Lauren. Woa, that was completely unexpected. I was in just as much shock as he was. I might have been hoping that would happen but didn’t actually think that would happen. Yay!

The first solo of the night was Jose. He is such an incredible breaker. The tricks he pulled out were really good tonight.

Billy Bell was next up with another incredible solo. I am loving what he did this week, great music choice.

The last solo of the night was from Lauren Froderman. I wasn’t that impressed by her solo tonight. She just seemed to pull out trick after trick then a sexy move.

The judges came back with a unanimous decision. Lauren was obviously safe. I had hoped Billy wouldn’t be sent home but I think he was too good for this competition.

There is only four contestants left, Kent Boyd, Adechike Torbert, Lauren Froderman and Robert Roldan. Tune in next week for more amazing dances!


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