Alex Wong

Unfortunately I was unable to post about the top eight results show and decided to dedicate a post just to the unbelievable talent that is Alex Wong.

On Wednesday he was taken out of the competition because he ruptured his achilles tendon. This meant he could not compete and would be put into the bottom three. Hearing that he ruptured his achilles tendon I knew he wouldn’t be able to dance the next night, which meant he would be gone.

Here is the audition which reminded the judges of his brilliant talent. Also in the video is Billy Bell and Anthony Burrell, who should have been in the top ten.

From the second he hit the stage Alex Wong was a front runner in the competition. His first number was with Billy Bell and Ade Obayami, dancing a Mia Michaels conemporary. This number was brilliantly beautiful. It told a tale of aging through the three dancers and each played their part to the nines. This was the number that really got me excited for Alex in this competition.

The next number he was in showed how good he was dancing with a partner, Allison Holker. This was a Sonya Tayeh jazz piece but was completely different from anything she had shown before. Allison is an incredible dancer but even she was overshadowed by his dancing. This is one of the most beautiful pieces the show has had and one of the best Sonya pieces by far.

His last performance showed the most growth on the show. It was a NappyTabs hip hop routine with Twitch. Twitch is brilliant at hip hop and it was great to see two guys dance together on the show. Alex blew everyone away with this routine. How a ballet dancer was able to pull this off is beyond me. I have seen this dance twenty times and it has not gotten old. Definitely one of the best the show has done.

I couldn’t find a video with embedding so here is the link. Outta Your Mind.

Alex posted a picture on his Twitter about his tendon. He has to be the happiest person with a snapped tendon I’ve seen.

Credit to Alex Wong's Twitter account.

It is really sad to see him go but I’m excited to see where dance will take him. Get better Alex Wong, hopefully we see you soon!

Credit to mrduckbears12 for the Audition pieces.
Credit to KatBallante for the Mia Michaels routine.
Credit to HughFurst for the Sonya Tayeh routine.


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