So You Think You Can Dance – Top Eight

This week we got to see the top eight preform not only with the all-stars but with each other as well. I was thrilled when I heard this and excited to see what they had in store for us. First off, Alex Wong is injured and if he is gone for good that will be so upsetting. Hopefully it is not as bad and he can come back but for now get better Alex!

Lauren and Pasha

First up Lauren Froderman. I hate when they use contemporary pop songs for ballroom. It never looks like they are dancing to the songs, useless. Lauren did pretty good, she actully kept up with him. I thought the dance was done very well.

Jose and Lauren

Next up Jose Ruiz doing contemporary. You can always tell a Mandy Moore piece by the music. That one leg lift was amazing, I love new lifts. I didn’t think the number was that great. Nothing happened, I’m not sure if it was the choreography or them but it was missing something.

Comfort and Kent

Kent Boyd was next up attempting a Dave Scott hip hop. I want to blame the choreography on this one. I was so bored watching this. Comfort is useless in my mind and showed how much in this dance. And shock the judges were way too easy on him.

Courtney and Adechike

Adechicke Torbert did a jazz routine next. What is up with Mandy Moore this week. The whole beginning of the dance had almost no dancing. Agreed with Mia perfectly on this dance.

Katee and Billy

Next up was Billy Bell with a surprise guest (if you don’t have twitter) Katee Shean!! I think she is a fabulous dancer and was thrilled when I heard she would be on the show. Hopefully Alison gets better but Katee is a great replacement. Bell was really good this week. He is such a good dancer and wasn’t over the top. This broadway guy was great, love when Tyce isn’t around to do it.

Dominic and Ashley

Ashley Galvan was up next with a hip hop routine. She was really good in it. NappyTabs always have a cool flip and they did not dissapoint. She kept up with Dominic really well and it was awesome to see her dance something new.

Robert and Kathryn

Next was Robert Roldan, who I love, with a jazz routine. This was fabulous. Love the concept and the dancing. The lifts were a little awkward. While in the box they were brilliant. Those stupid people saying he’s obnoxious are ridiculous, he’s so cute. Please America do not put him in the bottom again.

Mala and Adechike

Adechike and Alex were supposed to dance together and instead Adechike danced with Mala. The russian over her head was awesome. I have no idea how he did those at the end too but good on him. His arms and head bugged me but he did well. (Loved when Mia said ew when she got booed because she really cares) I felt bad when Mia said she missed Alex but I completely agree.

Lauren and Kent

Kent and Lauren were amazing in this Travis Wall contemporary. That section where they danced together was brilliant, they were so in sync. There were some incredible dance moments in there that was really cool to watch. That was a fabulous routine, one of my favorites of the season. Brought me back to the If It Kills Me routine he did.

Ashley and Robert

Robert and Ashley danced a ballroom next. My first reaction was fear, ballroom in any respect is a kiss of death for contestants. I didn’t think it was bad but I know nothing about ballroom. He has perfect posture. Their opening clip was really cute, when they were dancing together.

Billy and Jose

Last to dance for the night was Billy and Jose. That was a great number for the two of them. You could really Jose was untrained in this dance. Billy is so bendy, I found him to be really good. It was a little lackluster but cool at the same time.

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