So You Think You Can Dance – Meet The Top Eleven

The introduction of a meet the top eleven (or twenty) to So You Think You Can Dance is brilliant. It always sucked for those incredible dancers who got stuck with a style they could not do very well the first week and then got eliminated. This way the viewers get the chance to see them dance their style, kind of, and get to know the dancers better.

Next, I am so thrilled Mia Michael’s is on the panel and back doing choreography this year. I think she is brilliant and last night she was in full form. She looked high as a kite, just the way I love her up there. I was reminded of some of the gems she has contributed, specifically when she told Chelsie Hightower she wanted to stab her she was so beautiful. Welcome back Mia!

Top Eleven and All Stars

The night started out with a Wade and Amanda Robson jazz piece. I love Wade, I think he has one of the most unique styles and watching him dance is a joy. As soon as the lights came up I was sitting up and ready for the brilliance. It did not disappoint. Wade highlighted the All Stars and the contestants beautifully, while still allowing for his odd quirks. Everything about the dance was exciting and original and I got very excited for this season. Everyone looked and danced great, this makes me really excited for group dances in the future.

Kent Boyd, Lauren Froderman, Mark Kanemura and Kathryn McCormick

The first group contained contestants Kent Boyd and Lauren Froderman,  and all stars Mark Kanemura and Kathryn McCormick. This was a Travis Wall contemporary piece to the song ‘Paris is Burning’. I thought this piece was amazing, all four of them were very strong and Wall showed them off very well. I am excited to see Boyd and Froderman grow in this competition and hope they make it to the end. This was a very strong for the all stars as well. Kanemura and McCormick were phenomenal, I’m excited they were picked as all stars.

Alexie Agdappa, Melinda Sullivan, Alison Holker, Lauren Gottlieb

Then came broadway… I am not a Tyce fan, and this just made my disdain for him grow stronger. “There’s Gotta Be Something Better Than This” (ha, appropriately named) was danced by contestants Alexie Agdappa, and Melinda Sullivan and all stars Alison Holker and Lauren Gottlieb. Haven’t we learned that Tyce isn’t that great at choreographing just girl broadway pieces or do I have to pull this out again.

Credit to LIVE2LOVE8

The dance did not make any of the dancers look good. I don’t even really remember what happened, it’s all a blur of pink. Tyce has choreographed some beautiful jazz pieces and it is a shame to see this come out of him. I also found him completely obnoxious when he was speaking, but that’s beside the point.

Jose Ruiz, Dominic Sandoval, Stephen "Twitch" Boss, Comfort Fedoke

Tabitha and Napoleon choreographed the hip hop number featuring contestant Jose Ruiz and all stars Dominic Sandoval, Stephen “Twitch” Boss and Comfort Fedoke. This was a very strong number, NappyTabs are really great group choreographers. The number was very well centered to Ruiz which is how these numbers should be. I have a much better appreciation for his talent after seeing this number. Hopefully he can stand up well with the other styles but hip hop was golden.

Cristina Santana, Pasha Kovalev, Anya Garnis

The Samba was not very good. Jason Gilkson must have had a very hard time choreographing with only three people, and it showed. Contestant Cristina Santana went almost unnoticed against all stars Pasha Kovalev and Anya Garnis. Their chemistry is undeniable and Santana looked like the third wheel. If she wasn’t there I don’t think much would have been missed. She really needs to step up her game or her time here will be very short.

Billy Bell, Alex Wong, Ade Obayami

Mia Michaels brilliance graced the stage once again with the three strongest dancers the show has this year. Contestants Billy Bell and Alex Wong were brilliant alongside all star Ade Obayami. Each part was perfect, showing off the attributes each dancer has. I found the number way too short and cannot wait for more from each of these dancers.

Ashley Galvan, Adechike Torbert, Robert Roldan, Neil Haskell, Courtney Galiano

The final number of the night was a Sonya Tayeh jazz featuring contestants Ashley Galvan, Adechike Torbert and Robert Roldan, as well as all stars Neil Haskell and Courtney Galiano. This jazz number showed Haskell off so well I forget other people were even in it. Galvan and Galiano look so similar that I couldn’t even tell who was who. The number was great, but it looked like every other Tayeh dance. I wasn’t jumping up and down after the dance but it was good.

Sidenote: as if Torbert thought he was an underdog, he just came off obnoxious. Not a fan anymore, I don’t care how good of a dancer he is.

All in all the night was pretty well as expected. The people I thought were good I still think are good and the people I don’t really know or care for at this point are still ranked low. The only real surprise was Ruiz, I am now interested to see what he’s got.

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