Safety Dance

Safety Dance was originally released by Canadian New Wave group Men Without Hats in the early 80s.

This is the video to the original song, it is set in the Medieval era and features a fair. It is a little strange and I don’t really understand what it has to do with the song but they got to film in England so good on them.

A couple weeks ago Glee did a cover of this song in their Dream episode, directed by the brilliant Joss Whedon.

The song was preformed by Artie Adams, played by Kevin McHale, and features Harry Shum Jr and Dijon Talton dancing alongside him. The show really seems to love Shum’s dancing but Talton is usually cast aside and not given the same opportunities. I am personally a huge Shum fan, I think he is fabulous but I have not seen enough of Talton to know whether or not he’s a great dancer.

This is the first time we got to see McHale dance, and I think it is a shame he is the one in the wheelchair. He seems to be the only one who is a decent dancer of the original cast. I thought this dream sequence was awesome, and very entertaining. McHale does a great job with the singing and dancing and I hope we get the chance to see him dance more.

Credit for the Met Without Hats video is UnidiscMusic

Credit for the Glee video is drwooh

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